Need a quick refresher? Missed a story and just need the highlights? Whenever possible, all stories at SciFantastica can be read in any order. Each is designed to be a self-contained story. You don’t need to read previous stories to enjoy any other one.

However, some stories are part of the same universe. And certain characters, locations, and events will overlap. They start to influence one another. Interact with each other. To get the “maximum” continuity experience when reading our stories, I recommend reading these stories in the order shown on this page. However, again, that’s entirely optional. You can skip some. Or read them out of sequence.

This page here is designed to refresh your memory of key characters and events, and more importantly, see how they’re all related and interconnected. A behind-the-scenes look at what’s been going on.

Last warning. There are spoilers ahead.

Okay. Here we go.


Mastermind’s Master Plan

Mastermind first appears in Bimbo Henchman. At this time, he’s already developed fairly effective mind control technology, which he uses to enforce strict obedience from his unpaid henchmen, I mean, “interns.” He’s a super genius. An inventor. And maybe a little insane. He’s got ambitions to one day rule the world. Because let’s face it. The world’s a mess. And a “mastermind” like him believes he knows how to run it best. Of course, taking over the world won’t be quick or easy, nor cheap.

So he invents the Quantum Flux Shifter (QFS), a type of ray gun that manipulates quantum particles to permanently transform living creatures. While it could be used as a weapon in pursuit of world domination, he knows he’ll need much more than that to succeed. So instead he decides to sell it to the highest bidder. He holds a secret auction on the dark web. To show off what his invention can do, he summons one of his interns and begins transforming him. At first he enhances the reluctant volunteer’s masculine physical features — but to prove a point, then uses the QFS to turn his henchman into a mindless, submissive, gorgeous bimbo slut. The auction price rises to $4 billion before finally being sold to an anonymous buyer from a then-unheard of organization called “Tiresias Global.” As part of the deal, they get the newly bimbofied henchgirl along with the QFS.

The transaction is complete without a hitch. And the man known only as “Mastermind” goes from struggling inventor to multi-billionaire.

After delivering the QFS to Tiresias Global, he decides to do some research on his mysterious buyer. It took some doing, but he eventually learns they’re doing all kinds of research on male-to-female biological gender transformations. After he transformed his male henchman completely into a girl, no wonder they bid so high on it.

In TG Slave Girl, Mastermind continues his research into deeper and more effective forms of mind control. His experience of transforming his unsuspecting henchman into a girl becomes a curious kink and twisted pleasure for him. He wants to do it again.

He sees himself as superior to all people due to his super genius IQ and misinterpretations of certain philosophers he’s read over the years. But even more so, he sees himself — and all men — as superior to all women. That, in his worldview, is the natural and proper order of things. It’s one of the reasons, he believes, the world is so chaotic and out of balance. Women have lost their way. Everyone, including women, would be much happier if all women took a submissive, subservient role — and let only the men be in charge, as nature intended.

He used a small portion of his newfound wealth to buy a large mansion in Los Angeles. There, he continues inventing, researching, and planning — ultimately preparing for his long-game of world domination. He uses his mind control technology on beautiful women, making them his lovers, household servants, and slaves. And if any man dares oppose him or his philosophy, Mastermind will enjoy transforming that foolish man into a girl too. It’s sort of a double domination for Mastermind. He not only defeats his enemy, but further subjugates him by lowering him to female status, built solely for sex and service.

Mastermind has acquired a new method of transforming his would-be victims, too. A chemical factory owned by Tiresias Global recently developed a prototype solution capable of rapidly transforming a man into a woman from the inside out. One simple injection into the bloodstream, and before long, the victim’s cells, hormones, organs, and body begin changing. Of course, Tiresias Global wouldn’t just give their experimental chemical away. Mastermind had to spend a small fortune to acquire their latest batch. But it was originally their money anyway, and he still had plenty left. And to Mastermind, it was worth it.

Even though he gave Tiresias Global his QFS device, he still owned the blueprints and could make another one. But zapping his victims at a distance all the time didn’t feel very challenging or sportsmanlike. He thrives on challenge. And should his technology ever fail, be stolen, or a defense was ever found against it, he’ll need a back-up options. Tiresias Global’s new chemical may be one, but it needs to be tested first. So Mastermind selects an ideal male candidate — one who believes women should be treated as equals — and successfully transforms him into a girl, brainwashed into an eager sex slave with the help of Mastermind’s own mind control technology.

Later, Mastermind learns of something called an Omega Sphere, an object of great supernatural power and unknown origin, capable of transforming people with a mere touch. He must have it. It could prove invaluable in his plans for world domination. He makes a shady deal with a vampire to eventually acquire it. Fast forward about ten years, and in The Future of Mankind, Mastermind actually succeeds in taking over the world. His obsession with controlling others and his twisted pleasure in turning enemies into female sex slaves has only grown in the preceding decade. The world’s hardly the Utopian paradise he imagined it’d be, but he hasn’t yet fully enslaved all of humanity either. There are still some pockets of resistance. And rebels out to kill him.

What he didn’t plan for was Tim Powers, an accidental time traveler from the past. One who hadn’t been exposed to Mastermind’s mind controlling drugs yet. But it before long Tim is captured — and his resistance quickly quelled as Mastermind uses the Omega Sphere to transform him into a new sex slave. But something unexpected happens in that moment. A strange reaction between the sphere’s supernatural power and residual tachyon particles still in Tim’s body from the recent time jump. It endows Tim with a mysterious super power — one that she uses to help narrowly escape Mastermind’s domain, steal the Omega Sphere, find her time machine, and finally return back to the present.

There, in the present, the feminized Tim locates the younger and less dangerous Mastermind, and uses the Omega Sphere on him, transforming him into a mindless bimbo. Mastermind’s super genius IQ is gone. His ambitions for world domination have been replaced by an insatiable craving for sex and physical pleasure. The future where Mastermind takes over the world… has been erased.

However, mysteriously, Tim remains a girl. Even though the threat of Mastermind has been neutralized, it’s as if nothing has changed at all. But that would be impossible. Tim was certain she got the right guy. Mastermind would never have the Omega Sphere. He’d never rise to power. He’d never rule the world… or be able to use that sphere to transform Tim into a girl. So why hadn’t Tim magically returned to her former male self yet?


Tiresias Global Has a Secret

In Ray’s Discovery, a young scientist and recent college grad is recruited and offered a job at a new biotech research and development company, Tiresias Global. They’ve got a state of the art facility, headquartered on a beautiful private tropical island not far from Hawaii. It pays well. It’s interesting, cutting-edge work. But soon after beginning to work there, Ray starts to notice something’s not quite right. He does a little snooping around. Michael, an old roommate and skilled hacker still living on the mainland, remotely helps Ray break into the computer files and discovers this company’s big secret.

Tiresias Global has plans to permanently transform the majority of men around the world into women — whether they desire it or not. And all the talk of “other” biotech research projects — a cure for cancer, optimized health and longevity, disease immunity, youth restoration, advanced healing technologies — were all really in service of the company’s one and only true objective: mass worldwide gender transformations.

And then a security alert is triggered. They know that he knows. And when Ray objects to participating in any of this, they threaten to turn him into a girl to show him how much happier he’d be. He runs and tries to make a break for it. But he’s trapped on a small island. He can only run and hide for so long. And before long, they find him — and use a modified version of Mastermind’s Quantum Flux Shifter (which they renamed the Gender Transforming Ray gun) to zap Ray, transforming him into a girl.

The transformation does more than change Ray’s body. It also causes her to have a change of heart. Being a girl actually felt really good. Really natural. Really right. All men secretly wanted to be girls, whether they realized it or not. Ray agrees to stay and help Tiresias Global in their mission of freeing men from their masculine prisons.

Tiresias Global continues testing different products, methods, technologies, and magical artifacts that can be used to turn men into women. They solicit “volunteers” from around the world under false pretenses. One man arrives on the island thinking he’s there for clinical trials on a new weight loss pill. But he soon finds himself trapped in an unusual room, and in The Prisoner, is slowly transformed piece by piece into a beautiful woman. Although the founder of Tiresias Global is never revealed, it’s hinted that she may be some kind of powerful witch or immortal goddess. And the newly transformed girl has been chosen to serve as a priestess for this mysterious figure. Every orgasm she enjoys channels more and more magical power into her Mistress.

Then in Gods Among Us, Ray’s hacker friend comes to the island looking for him. By now, Tiresias Global has successfully transformed about two dozen men from around the world. Michael fears Ray’s already been transformed too — but has a unique opportunity to reverse that. If he helps a mysterious man with magic powers gain control of Tiresias Global — Ray is promised to be changed back to original form. But this brings them face to face with the founder of Tiresias Global herself, a powerful and beautiful demigoddess named Celeste. Before long, Ray and Michael realize they’ve become pawns in a much larger game between rival gods, with the fate of the world and their own lives at stake.

Caught in the middle of this supernatural world, Celeste causes Michael to unwittingly begin transforming into a girl too. But an unexpected turn of events does far more than that: Michael also gains divinity, and becomes a demigoddess herself. One with the power to transform others with the mere touch of her hands — something not even Celeste can do.


The New World

With her presence and activity on Earth now known to the other gods, it’s only a matter of time before they figure out what she’s really up to. Realizing she may need a Plan B, Celeste begins Project Eden on a whole new world. Literally. Another planet. A lush, vibrant planet full of abundant plant life, sparkling oceans, and a large habitable region with an ideal warm climate. A perfect place for a new Eden. One where humans can live and thrive — and under her loving guidance, avoid all the mistakes that were made the first time on Earth.

She needs a new Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, she’s pressed for time and has two work with a couple of guy best friends. But that’s no problem for her. She decides to turn one of them into a new Eve, while simultaneously transforming them both physically into each other’s ideal mate.



Find out what really happened to Mastermind, why Celeste is so afraid of being discovered, and what the Omega Spheres are actually used for. Stay tuned. “Tiresias Global: Omega Protocol” is an all-new story that ties together — and changes — the SciFantastica Universe like never before! Coming soon in the near future.

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