Significant Characters



A wealthy inventor with a fetish for mind control and transforming unsuspecting men into sexy slave girls. He’s a super genius with apparent ambitions for world domination. But what makes him especially mysterious is no one knows his real name — and he seemingly can be in multiple places at once. Will anyone be able to stop him from turning all his enemies into submissive slave girls on his way to eventually enslaving all of humanity?


The Divine


A demigoddess who’s been banished to Earth. Like all demigods, she gains power from her worshipers and devotees. She founded Tiresias Global, which is researching ways of using both ancient magic and modern technology to effectively transform as many men around the world as possible into her blissful female followers. She believes that much of the war, pain, and suffering in the world would end if the planet became predominantly feminine. One of her siblings, a dark demigod, is also residing on Earth, with far more sinister plans for humanity. She’s in a race against time to gain followers, grow in power, and “save” humanity from her brother’s evil intentions, who thrives on war and death.

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