This over-the-counter pill, developed and marketed by Bender Solutions, was recently approved by the FDA. Once consumed, the drug rapidly begins transforming the person’s entire body into the opposite sex. Changes occur at the genetic level, usually completely transforming everything within 15 minutes. As a side effect, the person’s mind and body is flooded and super saturated with hormones matching their new gender, usually making them insatiably horny while simultaneously lowering inhibitions. They remain as the opposite sex for approximately 48 hours, when the drug inevitably wears off and their original DNA reverts to normal.

Bender works on both men and women. Men are instructed to take the “pink” pill; women use the “blue” one. However, if a person takes the wrong one, their own sexual characteristics are enhanced and boosted for approximately the same time period. Taking Bender multiple times does not create a unique appearance each time. It merely manipulates their DNA to show what that person would look like, had they been born as their opposite sex instead.

Despite the “fun” people often have when taking Bender, the drug itself is considered non-addictive with no long-term side effects. Conservative religious groups have demonized this pill and are actively seeking to make it illegal, but for the time being, any adult can purchase Bender from select drug stores and dispensaries.


Transformation Technology

Quantum Flux Shifter / Gender Transforming Ray Gun

This device was invented by the criminal genius Mastermind. It looks like a large high-tech laser rifle, with added buttons and several small dials and switches built into the sides. It has an adjustable width beam and makes a high pitch squeal immediately before firing. Using quantum physics, its beam literally alters and re-writes the “reality” of someone’s cells and genes at the subatomic level.

It allegedly has nearly unlimited biological customization options–it can change a person’s height, weight, hair color, eye color, IQ, internal organs, musculature, skeletal structure, even their entire gender and mental thought patterns. Any such changes are permanent and that person’s new “normal.”

Mastermind used the Quantum Flux Shifter on his henchman as a demonstration. The device was later sold to an anonymous buyer from the Tiresias Global Corporation. Once in their possession, it was studied and reverse engineered. Tiresias Global developed a specialized and streamlined model–the Gender Transforming Ray gun (or GTR)–based on its technology.

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