Companies & Organizations

Avalon Agency

An employment agency that does more than just help people find jobs — their mission is to help people find their true destiny. They have clients in a vast variety of companies, industries, and governments. But it’s their “secret list” of non-traditional clients that really makes the Avalon Agency so effective.

Whenever they find a suitable individual, they may place them as a super hero’s new side-kick or super villain’s new henchman, an off-the-grid mad scientist’s new intern or test subject, or even a demigod’s faithful new servant or devotee.

Sure, some people apply to the Avalon Agency and get a good-paying job at a regular company somewhere. But some people, on the other hand, may end up as metahumans, mythological creatures, androids, or alien breeders.

Dragon’s Keep

Located in a very remote area, a good hour and a half drive past some no-name small town that isn’t even listed on some maps, resides a mysterious and magical “shop” that sells some very unique and interesting items. Things like magic ink that’ll temporarily turn clothes invisible, a pair of special hats that’ll swap the minds of any two people wearing them, and potions that’ll turn people into frogs, cats, birds, and more.

But this “one-stop shop for all your otherworldly needs,” as their website advertises, only appears to select people at select times. You have to be chosen to even know about it. And you have to be invited to ever enter.

Gentleman’s Ideal Recreational Life (G.I.R.L.) Center

Women want to be beautiful and desired. Men want to be attracted to their girlfriends and wives. So the G.I.R.L. Center was founded with the express intention and purpose of helping couples stay happily together — by giving both sexes what they want.

Using state-of-the-art biotechnology and genetic engineering methods, scientists at the Center are able to “customize” a woman according to her and her lover’s wishes. Hair color, eye color, height, natural weight, shape, breast size, age appearance, everything — for the right price, a woman can effortlessly and naturally have any body she desires — one that both she and her boyfriend or husband will completely enjoy.

Their technology specializes in customizing women, but it works just as well on me too. Although not originally designed to do so, they technically could even turn a man into someone else’s ideal woman too.

Tantra Club

This private and expensive studio in Los Angeles practices a secret form of tantra. On the surface, their classes, workshops, and social gatherings seem to be about connecting — spiritually, physically, and sexually — and with one’s self and fellow students in a safe environment. But as students earn the teacher’s trust and prove their commitment, they’re ultimately invited to a sacred space, “The Room of 1,000 Orgasms,” where the real magic happens. And the magic is very real.

Students lucky enough to enter that room learn and practice sex magic — and often enjoy new and creative forms of sexual exploration.

Tiresias Global / Tiresias Island

In the Pacific Ocean near the equator, there’s a small privately-held tropical island owned by the Tiresias Global Corporation. This secret company is researching and developing methods for transforming humans in different ways — particularly how to use ancient magic and modern technology to effectively and totally transform men into women.

Tiresias Global appears to be founded by a goddess named Celeste, who envisions a more peaceful and prosperous Earth once the majority of the population has been turned into her devoted female worshipers.


Towns & Cities

Hollywood / Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California. Epicenter of the television and movie industry. Not to mention video games, original music, and more. A place where creative people can thrive — and big risks often lead to big rewards. Anything can happen here. And when it does, usually someone’s filming it.

Home to over 10 million people in the greater metro area, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Thousands of new hopeful aspiring actors move here every month — and just about as many leave just as often. Some people will do anything to get ahead — and stay on top.

Twin Rivers City

A bustling and diverse metropolis in California, located between Los Angeles and San Diego. Home to Timothy Powers, inventor of the world’s first time machine, and the villain known as Mastermind, who just may succeed in taking over the world and enslaving humanity.

While Los Angeles is known for its movie industry and San Francisco is part of Silicon Valley, Two Rivers City is home to major research and development companies like Future Tech Today Labs, Troyd Industries, and Omni Communications — corporate powerhouses in advanced technology, genetic engineering, and global communication networks.


Kingdoms, Countries, and Secret Societies

Kingdom of Etheria

In a present-day alternate reality Earth, spanning much of what we know as the North American continent, is the Kingdom of Etheria. In this universe, electricity doesn’t exist, and along with it, much of modern technology as we know it. Magic, however, is a part of every day life — although most can’t access or control it. It’s a world of swords and sorcery — with some modern day conveniences.




A beautiful, nature-rich, tropical paradise filled with an abundance of plants and animals. No humans or other intelligent lifeforms have evolved on this planet. It’s an untouched virgin paradise.

One individual, known only as “The Client” — someone of great magical power who may or may not actually be a god or goddess — has found this planet and claimed it as his or her own. The Client desires to build a new world, a second Earth, that avoids all the mistakes humans made the first time around. This world will be an eternal Garden of Eden paradise. Its inhabitants, however, will worship and obey The Client as their one and only all-powerful deity — and only those selected by The Client will be allowed to live here.

Eden’s exact location in the universe is unknown. For now, it can only be accessed through a special portal created by a magical crystal.

Terra Prime

In the late 21st Century, after the invention of faster-than-light travel, humans began exploring and colonizing space. One planet, Terra Prime, was an untouched Eden-like Earth filled with pristine mountains (some even taller than the Himalayas), crystal-clear rivers and lakes, rich blue oceans, abundant fresh air, and a beautiful temperate climate.

But even more valuable were some unique crystals that formed naturally within the planet. Called aura gems, these rare stones possess a mysterious and unusual ability. Some call it magic. Others say it’s a field of science yet to be fully studied or understood. But humans can use aura gems to perform a wide variety of magic effects and other supernatural abilities.

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