TF Secret Keywords

SciFantastica (sometimes also called “Transformation Paradise”) is a collection of original, page-turning sci-fi/fantasy stories for adults — specializing in the聽transformation fiction genre. TF, TG, MC, AR, Anthro, Mytho, and more.

What do those keywords mean?

For ease and simplicity, the online transformation community has created a “shorthand” to identify and find exactly what they’re looking for. Here’s a simple primer. A surface-level introduction, if you’re not already familiar with these terms.

TF: Transformation. A broad umbrella term that can include nearly any kind of body (and sometimes mind/personality/soul/other kind of) transformation, where someone starts as a normal human and ends up as… something else, but is聽usually still humanoid. But not always. I know, could it be any more vague and general? I think that’s the point. There’s an infinite number of ways someone can be transformed. And I love it!

TG: Transgender. A person is either聽mostly or聽completely transformed physically (and perhaps mentally) into the opposite sex. Other related keywords include “M2F” or “MtF” (male-to-female) or “F2M, FtM” (female-to-male), so you know exactly who’s turning into what.

MC: Mind Control. Things like hypnosis, possession, behavior modification, altering memories, forced obedience, and even transforming someone into a personal sex slave.

AR: Age Reversal/Regression. Wouldn’t it be great to be young again? To regain lost youth, vitality, health, and beauty? A person could be transformed to any age, but usually (for legal reasons, since there’s often adult content included) they don’t get any younger than 18. 馃槈 And in some cases, they become immortal, staying that young and beautiful forever. (The opposite of this is “AP” or “Age Progression,” where the person skips natural aging and suddenly finds themselves much older than they should be.)

Anthro: Anthropomorphs. You might’ve heard of “furries.” They fall into this category. But anthros aren’t limited to that. It can be聽any kind of part-human, part-animal hybrid. Yes, most anthros are humanoid cats, dogs, foxes, bunnies, and other cuddly kin. But they can also be amphibious, reptilian, feathered avians, or any other kind of humanoid animal creature.

Mytho: Mythological Creatures. Some creatures only exist in mythology. Mermaids, fairies, satyrs, elves, genies, unicorns, dragons, and more. These stories are about regular mortal humans who get turned into a mythological, fantasy creature. Vampires, zombies, were-wolves, angels, and demons are often found in this category too.

Corr: Corruption.聽Turning from good to evil, hero to villain, chaste virgin to insatiable slut, well-behaved/self-controlled to rebellious and uninhibited. All, initially, beyond the person’s control. At first. Some magic spell, super power, mind control, or other influence聽makes them bad. But once turned, they tend to enjoy it more than they thought they would.

BE: Breast Expansion. Sometimes the transformations aren’t as total. Sometimes they just make a woman’s boobs… bigger.

Obj: Inanimate Objects.聽They may start as a flesh-and-blood human, but they’re being transformed into some kind of inanimate object. They might end up as someone’s clothes (underwear is a popular choice), a lamp or piece of furniture, doll or toy, or even a new dildo. Other semi-related categories include聽petrification (being turned into a stone statue) and聽plastification (being turned into a plastic mannequin). Even though they’re inanimate and obviously not “alive” in the technical sense, the transformed person usually is still conscious, alert, and aware. Still thinking, feeling, experiencing life — just completely unable to move or speak.

Size: Extreme Shrinking or Growing. Stories about becoming really tiny and small (think聽Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) or gigantic and enormously large (like Attack of the 50 Foot Woman). They’re usually still perfectly human in every way — just at an incredible, unnatural size.

ET: Extraterrestrials. Humans don’t just get transformed into other Earth-based creatures. Sometimes aliens will use them for experiments, breeding, hosts, or other purposes. Either way, by the time these visitors from the stars are done, the person will become partially or entirely an alien creature themselves.

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