How to Get Free TF Points

I love giving away bonus TF Points for the rewards program.

You always automatically earn 100 TF Points for every $1.00 you spend in the SciFantastica store. But I wanted to give you some extra ways you can earn even more聽TF Points completely free and/or as a special bonus聽too!

Here’s some options:

Submit Fan Art (+5,000 TF Points)

I’d love to showcase your artwork on this site. Legally speaking, I can’t just download someone’s original artwork and share it here on my site without your permission. So, I’m asking your permission. May I please show off your artistic talent? I’m looking for聽transformation sequences, character portraits and pin-ups, animations, illustrations of your favorite moment or scene from one of my stories, etc.聽Anything you think fellow fans might enjoy.

Ideally, I’d love it to be a character or scene from a story published here at SciFantastica. But I’m open to other theme-related stuff too. It doesn’t have to be a character from SciFantastica. It can just be a random person and/or your own character transforming from male to female, or human to anthro, or whatever.

But here’s the catch: it’s gotta be 100% your own original work. No photo manips of models (unless you have written permission to use their photo). No characters from Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or anywhere else — someone else owns the copyright and trademark to those characters. You can use any SciFantastica character you want or any original, made-up character you invented entirely on your own. Just no logos, trademarks, characters, photos, or anything else that was created by (and therefore legally owned by) somebody other than you or me. Got it? Awesome. It’s just a legal thing. You understand. 馃檪

If I decide to include your original artwork in the SciFantastica gallery showcase, I’ll give you 5,000 TF Pointsper approved image.

I want to include as much original artwork from fans as possible. So odds are, as long as it doesn’t look like chicken scratch, your image will probably be approved. However, I may not approve every single one, for a variety of reasons. For example, I may already have too many similar images in that category, or maybe it’s a type of sci-fi, fantasy, or transformation that SciFantastica doesn’t really focus on. Stuff like that. But overall, if it’s a) reasonably good, b) not overly saturated already, and c) aligned with what SciFantastica publishes, you’ll probably be approved. Your image will be added to the online gallery and you’ll receive your free TF Points that you can use immediately.

And if you like, I’d be happy to give you name credit and a link back to your own site/portfolio/etc too.

Interested? Email me. If you already have an account at SciFantastica, let me know your login/email address so I know how to credit the TF Points to. If you don’t already have an account, please also tell me what you’d like your username and password to be. I’ll create that account for you and add your free TF Points. Any questions? Feel free to email me and ask too.

I’ve always loved looking at other people’s work on DeviantArt and other sites. I’d love to be an additional place people can discover and enjoy TF sequences, animations, images, and illustrated scenes/moments too. And if it’s of an official SciFantastica character, I’ll give you a聽bonus +5,000 TF Points聽(in addition to the initial 5,000 TF Points, for a total of 10,000 TF Points) too.

Oh, and it’s not exclusive. You’re welcome to upload and share your original artwork anywhere else you want too. You’re not limited to only displaying it here. You’re just giving permission to聽also show your work here. (But if you’re drawing one of my characters, please at least do the kindness of giving credit and linking back to this site, if you do decide to share it elsewhere. Thanks, I appreciate it!)

Bonus Value: Earning these free 5,000-10,000 TF Points is equivalent to spending $50-$100 in the SciFantastica store.


Link Back to SciFantastica (+2,500 TF Points)

I’m just one person running this website. I’d rather focus on writing and sharing new stories with you than spend all my time on marketing and promotion. So tell you what. If you help others find this website, I think that’s worth some free TF Points too.

If you have a blog, mailing list, website, podcast, or whatever and include a link back to either or, I’ll give you 2,500 TF Points. Both URLs go to the exact same place — use whichever one you think appeals more to your fans.聽“SciFantastica” is more for fans of science-fiction, fantasy, and erotica in general. “Transformation Paradise” is helpful for fans looking for transformation-themed stories specifically. This site is a combination of both — it’s sci-fi/fantasy erotica specializing in transformation stories.

Email me a link or copy showing聽where/how you linked back to and helped promote this site. And, of course, let me know if you already have an account here (and if not, what you’d like your username & password to be), so I can credit you the free TF Points. Once your points have been added to your account, you can use them immediately or save them for later.

Bonus Value: Earning these free 2,500 TF Points is equivalent to spending $25 in the SciFantastica store.

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