Rewards Program

SciFantastica is proud to announce an exciting new free rewards program!

How’s it work?

Basically, you get 100 “TF Points” for every $1.00 you spend on this website. You can then use your TF Points to save money on future purchases. Whenever you’re logged in to your account, the shopping cart will automatically inform you of any TF Points available. If you choose, you can apply those points today and immediately get a discount on your current order. Or, if you prefer, you can save those points for another day. There’s no limit to how many points you can earn — and they never expire.

Earn enough points and you can even get something for free!

It’s just my little way of saying “thanks” for being a fan.

I appreciate you.


Bonus Time:

» Did you know you can earn Bonus TF Points right now?

Click here for current promotions and free bonus opportunities. Don’t worry. I’m not asking you to sign up for any spam or fill out any surveys. Do those things ever actually work? No, these are just different ways I want to give back, my way of saying thanks, for being a fan and supporting SciFantastica.

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