Mystic Alex

Hi, I’m Mystic Alex. Welcome to SciFantastica, my Transformation Paradise. I’m a powerful witch who enjoys transforming boys into girls, and girls into irresistible, insatiable sluts. But that’s not all I do.

I specialize in both polymorph and mind control magic. Who I use it on, and when and why, all depends on my mood. Some deserve it. I’m here to teach them an important lesson. For others, it’s a gift, an answered wish. I like to think I’m a good witch. But truth be told, I enjoy a little chaos too.

Enter, if you dare. I may just decide to transform you into something too. Your new form and purpose will depend on how you behave, how nicely you ask, and what I see in your soul would be best for you.

For I am a Goddess, your Mistress, a powerful witch, a sorceress, a mystic. A master of arcane magicks, specializing in transformation and psychic spells. Obey me, serve me well, and I will take very good care of you, my love. You will be very happy.

Disobey and resist me, and Fate shall weave a new thread for you — a new body, an altered mind, a new life, and a new purpose shall be yours. One of my choosing.

I love using Transformation Magick on others. And this website you’ve luckily stumbled upon contains stories of different people, just like you, from around the globe who’ve been transformed too. These are their stories. What will be yours?

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