Mystic Alex

Location: Burbank, CA

Sex: Female

Specialties: Male-to-Female Gender Transformation and Mind Control. But I also like to experiment with and explore other transformation themes & ideas from time to time too.

Story Lengths: Quickies (5k-10k words), Goodies (10k-20k words)

My Story: I’m a powerful witch who loves transforming boys into girls, and girls into sluts, sex slaves, breeders, and bimbos. Often I use my magic to teach bad boys a lesson, but if someone approaches me with a humble, sincere, and open heart — I’ll often use my magic as a gift and blessing on them too. I like to grant magic wishes from time to time, when someone’s deserving, but I’m no magic genie and don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.

I’m the founder and creator of SciFantastica (also sometimes called “Transformation Paradise”). Transforming others and being transformed by others is a lot of fun. Especially when it sets you free from your inhibitions and helps you get laid a lot more often that you ever did before.


DK Masters

Location: San Diego, CA

Sex: Male, Female, Both, Neither… Depends on my mood. 🙂

Specialties: Male-to-Female Gender Transformation, Super Hero Adventure

Story Lengths: Goodies (10k-20k words), Besties (20k-40k words)

My Story: How was I transformed? Aliens. It was aliens.

I love shape-shifting, video games, super heroes, time travel, and all things sci-fi/fantasy. Unlike most other authors here at Transformation Paradise, I actually the ability to switch back and forth between being male and female as often as I want, based on my mood at the moment or whatever the situation calls for.

Wanna know a secret? I picked my pen name because I was playing a lot of “Donkey Kong Country 2” on the Super Nintendo… I got really, really good at the game. You might even say I became a “master” at it. *wink, wink*. DK… Donkey Kong… I’m a Master at it… Okay, you get it. Anywho…

Someone once told me that “super powers” and “gender transformations” don’t mix. Hogwash. True, yeah, sure… I mean, a lot of TG stories are about feeling powerless, submissive, helpless as you’re being transformed. And having “super powers” kinda defeats that. But I don’t care. I love both gender transformations and stories with super powers in it. So… that’s what I’m gonna write about (among other things)!

My stories also tend to be a little longer than most common TG fiction you find online. But I’ve also been writing sci-fi/fantasy stories for 20+ years (and TG stories specifically for over 10 years). While most stories out there seem to just be “hurry up, transform the character, the end” — I, on the other hand, like to build a bigger, richer world, something imaginative and spellbinding, something that really pulls you in and helps you escape  your life for a while. Writing is playtime for me. So, I add a little more color, variety, and creativity to my stories. They’re not that long (most are considered “novellas”–longer than a short story, shorter than a novel). And I have the honor of frequently being a Top 10 Best Selling Author in this genre.


Dawn Carrington

Location: Paia, HI

Sex: Female

Specialties: Male-to-Female Gender Transformation

Story Lengths: Goodies (10k-20k words), Besties (20k-40k words)

My Story: One day while boogie boarding at a nude beach in Hawaii, I noticed something glimmering in the sand. I picked it up and found a golden ring, with two tiny crystals–one blue, the other pink–embedded inside it. I tried it on for size, just out of curiosity, but once I did my body magically began transforming in front of everybody! The ring turned me into the beautiful girl you see today. Of course, when I tried putting the ring back on, nothing happened. Apparently it was a one-way change. Now I seem to be stuck as a girl. But I don’t mind. I’ve learned to love it and I’m actually having a lot more fun now than I ever did before. I keep the magic ring in a special box under my bed in my room.

I’m the creator of the Tiresias Global series and the originating mythology and lineage behind a new breed of were-women (full-time female succubi). I only do gender transformation stories. For fun, I enjoy hiking, snorkeling, surfing, going to the local farmer’s market, and binge watching Netflix.


Tiffany White

Location: Aurora, CO

Sex: Female

Specialties: Male-to-Female Gender Transformation

Story Lengths: Quickies (5k-10k words)

My Story: Truth is, I was tired of meeting girls from online dating sites who never seemed to last more than a single date. And at work, I had a crush on this one crazy-beautiful girl, but she didn’t seem interested in me at all either. So I bought this love spell from a website, hoping to change my luck, and make me irresistible to the opposite sex. But instead of focusing on my own image (like the spell required–I kinda skimmed over all the rules and fine print), I kept thinking about my co-worker. The spell backfired (surprise, surprise) and transformed me into a hot girl like her. And the spell was meant to be permanent. At first I freaked out of course–but when lots of cute guys started taking notice and asking me out on dates, and figuring I was stuck being this way anyway, I started to embrace these changes and realized I loved getting all this attention.

I enjoy writing a variety of fantasy and science-fiction gender transformation short stories now.

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