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Welcome to SciFantastica!

What is SciFantastica? Glad you asked! This website includes a variety of stories — science-fiction, fantasy, transformation, super hero, drama, comedy, and erotica. They typically include a lot of sex and nudity — as part of a larger character-driven story.

The name “SciFantastica” comes from science-fiction, fantasy, and erotica.

These stories are all fictitious — meaning, it’s just pure fantasy and imagination. It’s meant to be entertainment and a fun escape from the real world and everyday life.

Many include some kind of “transformation” theme too. The main character “changes” somehow — physically, mentally, sexually, etc — usually caused by something magical, supernatural, or high-tech/futuristic.


What Kinds of Transformations Are Here?

Great question!

Many stories here feature a male-to-female gender transformation. In these stories, a man gets a whole new body, experiencing first hand being the opposite sex. This incredible change is usually caused by magic or some kind of advanced (imaginary) technology. He’s fully transformed inside and out. The biological transformation is so complete that “she” becomes indistinguishable from other girls who’d been born that way.

A large number of other stories also include some form of mind control — be it a spell, hypnosis, or other method — that forces him or her to think, feel, and/or behave in ways they wouldn’t normally. They might even end up being someone’s new sex slave.

Some stories include a bimbo transformation, turning an otherwise smart and/or sexually repressed and inhibited woman into a mindless, pleasure-seeking, constantly horny, insatiable, sex-crazy slut.

There’s other fun types of transformations too, such as people who get turned into a fairy, mermaid, angel, demon, succubus, demigod, genie, elf, vampire, or other supernatural creature. There’s also people who acquire some kind of super power — sometimes becoming legendary super heroes and villains; sometimes just using it for fun in their personal lives only. And sometimes a transformation turns someone immortal, granting them youth and perfect health for all eternity.

The possibilities are endless. Check out the menu on the right sidebottom of the page.


About the Founder

You’re probably wondering who’s behind all this. I’m Mystic Alex. SciFantastica is sort of my pet passion project. It started out as something “just for fun” and a creative outlet, and grew into what you see today.

I’ve always loved writing sci-fi/fantasy stories that included more sex and nudity than violence or destruction. I’ve been a fan of the transformation genre and community since I was a teenager and first started “transforming” into a sexual being myself. And I’ve always loved the idea of having super powers and making a positive difference in the world too.

SciFantastica was created to share these kinds of stories.

That being said, I want you to know this:

This is fun for me. It should be fun for you too. That’s why I offer a 7 day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you buy something and it’s not what you’re expecting or just wasn’t right for you — cool, no worries, it’s all good. Just send me a kind email asking for a refund and I’ll gladly take care of you. I want this to be a win-win experience for the both of us.


My Mission / Vision

Your pleasure is my top priority. I want you to have fun and feel good. SciFantastica is a place of fantasy, escape, imagination, entertainment, and sexual pleasure.

Secretly (or not so secretly) wish you could be transformed in real life? If that’s not an option, I want to be your next best thing. I’ll give you a rich, vivid, imaginary, immersive vicarious transformation experience through these stories and games. Get lost in these stories. Connect with the main character and feel what they feel. Experience your own transformation through them.

Feeling a little kinky and/or sexually frustrated? You’re not alone. Whether you’re single or have a partner, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes we all need a little imagination and fantasy to release some sexual tension and enjoy our bodies in new and fun ways.

Just want a good story and looking for something a little different? These stories are character-driven, page-turning, high quality entertainment too. There’s plot twists, expansive imaginary worlds, unique characters and mythological creatures, and so much more. There’s emotion, there’s relationships, there’s adventure and discovery found here too. These stories are meant to be a good, enjoyable read — that happen to include some hot sex, tasteful nudity, and other fun erotic content along the way.

In fact, you may find yourself starting to squirm a bit, feeling the need to touch yourself, as you read these stories. You may even want to get naked and comfortable in bed before you get started. After all, this is supposed to be fun. As I said before, your pleasure is my priority. Your fantasy is my playground.


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