Quantum Flux Shifter

Invented by Mastermind, this advanced ray gun uses a quantum phase shifting beam to literally alter and re-write the “reality” of someone’s cells and genes at the quantum level — physically and permanently transforming them from the inside out. It provides potentially infinite customization options — from minor things like giving someone a new face or changing their natural hair color, to comprehensive total brain-and-body changes like transforming someone into the opposite sex with an entirely new personality, IQ, and sexual orientation. After acquiring this technology from Mastermind, Tiresias Global reverse engineered it and created a simplified, streamlined model designed exclusively for gender transformations.

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  • Ray’s Discovery


    Ray got recruited right out of college for his genius insights into human transformation potential. Little did he know that the company that hired him had farther-reaching plans than he ever imagined. When he finally discovered their dark secret and refused to have any part of it, they decided to use their new technology to “change” his attitude and opinion. He narrowly escaped, but on this small tropical island, there were only so many places he could hide for long.

  • Bimbo Henchman


    Mastermind is an aspiring super villain and genius inventor. He specializes in making devices that can control people’s minds and transform their bodies. But he’s short on cash and needs to raise a lot of money quick. So he decides to sell his latest invention to the highest bidder — and he uses his unsuspecting henchman to demonstrate its new gender-bending capabilities in front of a bunch of online voyeurs.

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