Celeste is a demigoddess who’s been banished to Earth. Like all demigods, she gains power from her worshipers and devotees. She founded Tiresias Global to research ways of using both ancient magic and modern technology to effectively transform as many men around the world as possible into her blissful and devoted female followers. She believes that much of the war, pain, and suffering in the world would end if the planet became predominantly feminine. One of her siblings, a dark demigod, is also residing on Earth, with far more sinister plans for humanity. She’s in a race against time to gain followers, grow in power, and “save” humanity from her brother’s evil intentions, who thrives on war and death.

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  • Project Eden


    Timmy and his best friend Mick are recent college grads in desperate need of a job. But when they apply for work through the Avalon Agency, they suddenly find themselves stranded alone in a lush tropical paradise on an alien planet, with no way back home. They soon realize this is a new Garden of Eden — and a mysterious god has chosen them to be this world's Adam and Eve.

    There's just one problem. They're both guys. But for an all-powerful god determined to start a new world, that's easy to fix. Slowly and without warning, one of them begins subtly transforming into the opposite sex. They futilely search for a way back to Earth, racing against time, fighting against fate — only to learn that it's never wise to curse one's own god.

  • Gods Among Us


    Michael’s trying to stop Tiresias Global from transforming any more men into women. His own best friend Ray was one of their victims. But in his attempt to rescue Ray, he finds himself caught between two rival gods and must choose a side to serve. A pawn in some higher game, Michael suddenly discovers he, too, is slowly transforming into a girl. But if “she” plays her cards right, Michael may end up a goddess herself.

  • The Prisoner


    Jack thought he was volunteering for some new weight loss and anti-aging research project. Instead, he finds himself trapped inside a mysterious empty room, with nothing but a chair and a video camera — and a woman’s voice, telling him what to do. She uses both reward and punishment to make him comply, as slowly, piece by piece, she has him reluctantly feminize and transform himself.

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