Tiresias Global

There’s a mysterious organization hidden on a private tropical island that’s researching and testing different magical and technological ways of transforming men into women. This organization appears to be run by a goddess with far-reaching, world-changing plans. The newly transformed women serve a special purpose for their new goddess.

These stories are written so you can read and enjoy them in any order. Stories will gradually build on and continue events from previous ones. But each reads as an independent, self-contained, stand alone story. A book will include a “story so far” prologue to refresh your memory or get you up to speed, if/when needed.

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  • Ray’s Discovery


    Ray got recruited right out of college for his genius insights into human transformation potential. Little did he know that the company that hired him had farther-reaching plans than he ever imagined. When he finally discovered their dark secret and refused to have any part of it, they decided to use their new technology to “change” his attitude and opinion. He narrowly escaped, but on this small tropical island, there were only so many places he could hide for long.

  • The Prisoner


    Jack thought he was volunteering for some new weight loss and anti-aging research project. Instead, he finds himself trapped inside a mysterious empty room, with nothing but a chair and a video camera — and a woman’s voice, telling him what to do. She uses both reward and punishment to make him comply, as slowly, piece by piece, she has him reluctantly feminize and transform himself.

  • Gods Among Us


    Michael’s trying to stop Tiresias Global from transforming any more men into women. His own best friend Ray was one of their victims. But in his attempt to rescue Ray, he finds himself caught between two rival gods and must choose a side to serve. A pawn in some higher game, Michael suddenly discovers he, too, is slowly transforming into a girl. But if “she” plays her cards right, Michael may end up a goddess herself.