Bender: 24-Hour Gender Reversal

Take this pill and transform into the opposite sex for approximately 24 hours. Although this recreational drug is “officially” not addictive, using Bender has been shown to be habit-forming. Side effects may include: increased libido, heightened sensitivity to pleasure, and a tempting desire to share this fun experience with others — whether they ask for it or not.

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  • Bender Babes


    Jim’s got a secret. He’s a “Bender babe” — a man who recreationally takes a new pill called “Bender” that temporarily transforms him into the opposite sex for 24 hours. He enjoys being a girl. But conservative groups are against Bender and if his boss ever found out about this little habit, it could ruin Jim’s career and reputation. So Jim only uses Bender on the weekends in private — that was, until his roommate found out, and made a certain deal with Jim to keep this a secret.

  • Bender Quickie


    Sam and Charlie, best friends and roommates, are feeling sexually frustrated with limited options. They’re not meeting anyone at work, their friends have moved away, and their regular porn just isn’t doing it for them anymore.

    But there’s a new drug called “Bender” that promises to temporarily transform a person into the opposite sex for 48 hours. Charlie volunteers to be the one to provide the sexual fix they both so desperately need — unaware of just how addictive Bender can be.

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