Series & Related Stories

Some stories are related, connected, and share the same universe. Take a look below and see what world you want to live in.

  • Bender Bliss

    Bender Bliss (2)

    Take this pill and transform into the opposite sex for approximately 24 hours. Although this recreational drug is "officially" not addictive, using Bender has been shown to be habit-forming. Side effects may include: increased libido, heightened sensitivity to pleasure, and a desire to share this fun with others--whether they ask for it or not.

    You can read and enjoy these stories in any order.

  • Tiresias Global

    Tiresias Global (3)

    There's a mysterious organization hidden on a private tropical island that's researching and testing different magical and technological ways of transforming men into women. This organization appears to be run by a goddess with far-reaching, world-changing plans. The newly transformed women serve a special purpose for their new goddess.

    These stories are written so you can read and enjoy them in any order. Stories will gradually build on and continue events from previous ones. But each reads as an independent, self-contained, stand alone story. A book will include a "story so far" prologue to refresh your memory or get you up to speed, if/when needed.