Story Lengths

In the mood for something quick or are you looking for a longer story with a bigger world to really lose yourself in? In this case, size really does matter. View ALL stories according to their length. Find the right size for you.

  • Quickies (15-30 pages)

    Quickies (15-30 pages) (11)

    Short stories meant to be a quick read right before bed or to help you get in the mood. These stories are considered the "optimal" or preferred length for most erotica needs.

    These stories are around 15 - 30 pages (or 5,000 - 10,000 words) long.

  • Goodies (30-60 pages)

    Goodies (30-60 pages) (9)

    When a "quickie" just won't quite do it for you, a "goodie" provides a richer story and more character development to help pull you into the imaginary world, connect you with the characters, and more vividly experience the pleasure they're going through.

    These stories are around 30 - 60 pages (or 10,000 - 20,000 words) long.

  • Besties (60-120 pages)

    Besties (60-120 pages) (10)

    When you're really craving a great story that happens to include pleasurable erotic content, this is what you're looking for. Rich character relationships and emotional connections. Developed story. Expanded world. Plenty for you to dive into, explore, enjoy, and vicariously experience as you read. Some of Transformation Paradise's top selling stories are in this category. Read one and you'll see why.

    These stories are around 60 - 120 pages (or 20,000 - 40,000 words) long.

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