Special Abilities

Sometimes when people get transformed, they acquire a new “special ability” or “super power.” Some unique ability, gift, or power that makes them more than an ordinary mortal human or hybrid. These are their stories.

  • Secret Origins

    Secret Origins (4)

    This is the story of how someone first acquired their very own super power. The myth, the legend, the origin -- of how an ordinary man or woman was transformed in such a way that gave them a unique and powerful supernatural ability.
  • Super Hero Adventures

    Super Hero Adventures (2)

    Super heroes aren't just limited to comic books, video games, or summer blockbuster movies. SciFantastica has its own collection of original super powered individuals -- some of them good, some of them bad, some of them... somewhere in between. Some use their powers to save the world -- others like to just have a little "fun."

    These individuals will use their incredible new super powers, adventure and explore across the universe, fight powerful monsters and face unstoppable evils, and ultimately save the world.

  • Villains & Mayhem

    Villains & Mayhem (2)

    The "bad guys" are the main characters here -- and they often win.
  • Other People with Powers

    Other People with Powers (4)

    These people have some kind of supernatural or magical power, but they aren't technically a "super hero" or "super villain" in the traditional sense.

    They're something else, somewhere in between. They usually use their special abilities in secret and for personal gain and pleasure -- not saving or taking over the world.