Series, Anthologies, Related Stories

Many of SciFantastica’s ebooks are independent, self-contained stories that can be read in any order as you please. However, some of our stories are part of the same universe, with shared significant characters and overlapping events. If you want to get into a series and live within a continuous, ever-expanding world with recurring characters and more — you’ve come to the right place!

  • Bender Solutions

    Bender Solutions (2)

    Bender Solutions is a relatively new, allegedly non-addictive "recreational" drug. Consuming this small pill rapidly transforms someone into the opposite sex for approximately 24 hours.
  • Mastermind Technologies

    Mastermind Technologies (3)

    Mastermind is a genius scientist and inventor who specializes in mind control and body transformation. He's an aspiring super villain who just might have what it takes to enslave the world. And for some reason, he has a kinky fetish in turning unsuspecting boys into sexy slave girls.
  • Tiresias Global

    Tiresias Global (3)

    On a remote private tropical island, a mysterious organization is experimenting with different ways of transforming men into women -- but why?