Furries & Other Anthropomorphs

You may have been born an ordinary human. But just wait. You’re about to be transformed to be part-human, part-animal. And you’re gonna love it!

Join the anthropomorphs (humanoid animals) that are fuzzy, furry, and/or cuddly. Or scaly. Or feathery. Or semi or fully aquatic. The list goes on. This category includes ALL kinds of anthros — “furries” are perhaps the most popular and well-known types, but any and all animals and creatures are fair game here! ❤

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  • Forest Kin


    A weekend camping trip changed two men’s lives forever.

    James and Hank used to be best friends, but started to lose touch over the years. Hank was in a serious long-term relationship. James got buried under work. But when Hank’s girlfriend unexpectedly dumped him and broke his heart, the two boys decided to take a camping trip together out in the woods, far away from it all.

    Honestly, neither were happy. Hank’s relationship had lost its magic a long time ago. And James was tired of the city life, burnt out and longing to spend more time in nature. That night, after setting up camp, James saw a shooting star and secretly made a wish.

    A wish that would grant his heart’s deepest desires — in a very unexpected way.

    Slowly, that night, his body began changing. Something magical was transforming him… into a blend, a mix, a new species of both human and deer. Granting him the opportunity, the choice, to live as either a tame man or a wild animal, free to live out in nature forever. But his body also continued changing in other ways… gradually and unstoppably becoming more and more feminine from head to toe. And James knew one thing: if this was going to be his fate, he didn’t want to be alone. So he made one more wish on a final shoot star — for his best friend Hank.

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