Body Transformations

Transformation stories feature one or more characters who are literally “transformed” — in body, mind, and/or soul. They become someone or something new. Perhaps they’re turned into the opposite sex, a mythological creature, humanoid animal, or inanimate object. Anything and everything is possible here. The only real question is who will be transformed — and more importantly, into what?

  • Male-to-Female

    Male-to-Female (29)

    These stories are about the total mind and body transformation from male to female. They aren't about men simply "cross-dressing" or "behaving like" women (i.e., "sissies" or "trannies"). These boys will become -- totally and completely -- beautifully and biologically female-only from head to toe.

    He may fear and resist the changes at first. But it's too late, it can't be stopped, his mind and body are changing -- and before long she'll discover that being a girl is actually much more fun, and that she feels so much happier, freer, better, and perfectly natural this way!

    Maybe she was always meant to be a girl, and he just didn't know it until after it finally happened. But what kind of girl will vary from person to person.

    Maybe she'll fall in love and become someone's new girlfriend or wife. Maybe she'll gain power and be in control. Or maybe she'll end up a submissive obedient little slave, breeder, or bimbo. Anything's possible, but one thing's certain: these boys' lives are about to change... forever.

  • Furries & Other Anthropomorphs

    Furries & Other Anthropomorphs (1)

    You may have been born an ordinary human. But just wait. You're about to be transformed to be part-human, part-animal. And you're gonna love it!

    Join the anthropomorphs (humanoid animals) that are fuzzy, furry, and/or cuddly. Or scaly. Or feathery. Or semi or fully aquatic. The list goes on. This category includes ALL kinds of anthros -- "furries" are perhaps the most popular and well-known types, but any and all animals and creatures are fair game here! ❤

  • Mythological Creatures

    Mythological Creatures (2)

    These characters get transformed into something mythological or supernatural -- such as a mermaid, fairy, elf, genie, angel, demon, or even a powerful demigod.
  • Petrification & Inanimate Objects

    Petrification & Inanimate Objects (1)

    These people get transformed into stone statues, plastic mannequins, rubber sex dolls, or other inanimate objects like clothing, furniture, and sex toys -- forever locked in their current form and appearance for all to see, conscious and aware, unaging and unchanging, to be used and viewed as an object for all eternity.
  • Age Reversal / Immortality

    Age Reversal / Immortality (5)

    Wouldn't it be great to be young again? To regain your youth, beauty, and full vitality? To know what you know now, remember who you are -- but have the body of someone younger, more attractive, more alive? Or perhaps it's immortality you seek. Never aging. Never dying. To live forever, with perfect health and optimal beauty.

    These stories include age-altering transformations. The main character will become immune to the effects of time and the limitations of their own mortality.

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