Body Transformations

Transformation stories feature one or more characters who are literally “transformed” — in body, mind, and/or soul. They become someone or something new. Perhaps they’re turned into the opposite sex, a mythological creature, humanoid animal, or inanimate object. Anything and everything is possible here. The only real question is who will be transformed — and more importantly, into what?

  • Male-to-Female

    Male-to-Female (26)

    These stories feature a man who gets completely transformed into a beautiful woman. His entire body changes from male to female, as if "she" had been born that way.
  • Mythological Creatures

    Mythological Creatures (2)

    These characters get transformed into something mythological or supernatural -- such as a mermaid, fairy, elf, genie, angel, demon, or even a powerful demigod.
  • Inanimate Objects

    Inanimate Objects (1)

    These people get transformed into stone statues, plastic mannequins, rubber sex dolls, or other inanimate objects like clothing, furniture, and sex toys -- forever locked in their current form and appearance for all to see, conscious and aware, unaging and unchanging, to be used and viewed as an object for all eternity.
  • Immortality / Eternal Youth

    Immortality / Eternal Youth (4)

    These stories are about becoming immortal with eternal youth and beauty. These lucky individuals won't age another day. They'll stay forever young.