Permanent Nudity

These stories are about a person who’s forced to be naked at all times, whether they like it or not. It could be caused by a physical transformation (such as a human-animal hybrid, and clothes no longer fit or their animal instincts won’t feel comfortable wearing anything), a magic spell or enchantment (perhaps that instantly makes their clothes disintegrate upon touch or fools them into believing they’re not actually naked), or some other social or legal obligation that requires them to be totally and permanently nude at all times.

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  • Accidental Sex Doll


    Max and Ashley were the best of friends. Too much of friends. When Max asked Ashley out, she turned him down, keeping him in the Friend Zone.

    But Max’s new roommate knows a few spells — and may have one to change her feelings towards him. But magic’s hard to control or predict. And when Ashley’s body begins transforming in unexpected ways… her fate as a life-size inanimate rubber sex doll may already be sealed.

    This isn’t what Max intended or wanted at all. Do they attempt to cast another spell to try to reverse this and change her back — and risk causing some other unplanned side effect that’s even worse?

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