Breeders / Impregnation

These are stories about women getting pregnant, either planned or unplanned, usually in some non-traditional relationship or situation. She might be a sex slave, who’s sole purpose is to give her master many offspring. Or she might be an incubator for some alien species, that needs her body to serve as a host for propagation. Or maybe a desperate married couple can’t get pregnant themselves and can’t afford an expensive in vitro operation, so they use another woman (such as a close friend or sister-in-law) and directly impregnate her the old fashioned way. Whatever the circumstances, one thing is certain: this woman, whatever her previous plans may have been, finds herself breeding new life in her womb for someone else.

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  • Where No Man Has Gone Before


    During a journey halfway across the galaxy to settle a new world, an accident kills off most of the ship’s crew. The captain must select a few ideal men for “gender reassignment” to ensure future generations. After impregnating his girlfriend, Jason never suspected he’d be next.

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