Other Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural Erotica

These stories are what some people might called “non-generic” erotica. Generic erotica is just “boy and girl meet, have sex, the end.” Yawn. These stories, however, include that plus a little bit of the fantastic, mysterious, strange, or adventurous… all leading up to, surrounding, and/or as part of the overall “erotic” experience. Take a look below and see what interests you. Everybody’s got their own unique kinks, fantasies, and playful desires. Maybe some of yours are right here.

  • Hypnosis & Mind Control

    Hypnosis & Mind Control (5)

    Listen. Obey. Do not resist. Submit. These character's minds become controlled by another, either through magic, technology, hypnosis, or some other powerful method. And once under that mind control, they'll have no choice but to obey every command their master gives them.
  • Sex Slave

    Sex Slave (2)

    This person’s new life purpose (and perhaps their greatest joy) becomes serving their new master as an obedient, faithful, subservient, personal slave and sexual object. Their very existence is to provide unending sexual pleasure for the owner they now belong to.
  • Permanent Nudity

    Permanent Nudity (1)

    These stories are about a person who's forced to be naked at all times, whether they like it or not. It could be caused by a physical transformation (such as a human-animal hybrid, and clothes no longer fit or their animal instincts won’t feel comfortable wearing anything), a magic spell or enchantment (perhaps that instantly makes their clothes disintegrate upon touch or fools them into believing they’re not actually naked), or some other social or legal obligation that requires them to be totally and permanently nude at all times.
  • Breeder / Impregnation

    Breeder / Impregnation (1)

    These are stories about women getting pregnant, either planned or unplanned, usually in some non-traditional relationship or situation. She might be a sex slave, who’s sole purpose is to give her master many offspring. Or she might be an incubator for some alien species, that needs her body to serve as a host for propagation. Or maybe a desperate married couple can’t get pregnant themselves and can’t afford an expensive in vitro operation, so they use another woman (such as a close friend or sister-in-law) and directly impregnate her the old fashioned way. Whatever the circumstances, one thing is certain: this woman, whatever her previous plans may have been, finds herself breeding new life in her womb for someone else.