Memory Wipe / New Identity

Forget everything. Forget who you were. What you did. What you once believed, thought, and felt. Your mind is being altered. Transformed. Re-written.

You’re being given new memories, a new identity, a new personality. You are now a totally new person. But as far as you can tell, haven’t you always been like this?

Your past has been erased. Your memories, replaced. New personality, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs installed. And no memory of ever being anything or anyone else.

Sometimes, in your hazy dreams, you seem to recall being someone or something different than who and what you are now. But those are just dreams. Not your real life.

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  • Hypno-Witch


    Alan grew up in a conservative, religious home that taught him to feel guilty about his sexual desires. Now as an adult, he finds getting over that negative conditioning too difficult. He’s alone, single, inhibited, and sexually frustrated. So he seeks the help of a professional hypnotherapist, hoping to free himself of his past.

    But she’s no ordinary hypnotherapist — she’s secretly a powerful witch, and feels Alan needs more than just a few mental changes. After hypnotizing him, she transforms him into a beautiful 19 year old girl. Alan freaks out, but the hypno-witch promises it’s temporary and gradually guides him even deeper into womanhood, re-conditioning “her” mind to freely love sex and enjoy it without inhibition. Slowly Alan begins to embrace and accept her new body and desires, finally getting over her past in an unexpected way. But then, in the process, she meets someone and falls in love. And now she must make a choice: go back to being a man, as the hypno-witch originally promised, or go for one final hypnotherapy session and fully become a woman forever?

  • The Coconut Club


    Kevin moves to Hawaii in desperate need of money. He takes a job at an exclusive gentleman’s club that features the most beautiful women in the world. The girls use magical items to transform themselves into each client’s unique fantasy — but when extreme circumstances force Kevin to use the same magical items, he ends up with a whole new life experience.

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