Mind Transformations

Sometimes transformations have less to do with the external body — and everything to do with the person’s mind, heart, behavior, and soul. These stories focus on that. Imagine if you could control what someone thought or felt. How they behaved. Whether they were good or evil, a chaste virgin or an insatiable slut, or simply obedient to your every wish. Would you desire to be the one in control — or the one being controlled?

  • Hypnosis & Mind Control

    Hypnosis & Mind Control (5)

    Listen. Obey. Do not resist. Submit. These character's minds become controlled by another, either through magic, technology, hypnosis, or some other powerful method. And once under that mind control, they'll have no choice but to obey every command their master gives them.
  • Brains-to-Bimbo

    Brains-to-Bimbo (2)

    Smart, independent, rebellious, and/or successful women get transformed to become total airhead bimbos, craving and indulging in their one new all-consuming passion from now on: a life filled with enjoying endless, mindless, insatiable sexual pleasures.
  • Sex Slaves

    Sex Slaves (2)

    This person’s new life purpose (and perhaps their greatest joy) becomes serving their new master as an obedient, faithful, subservient, personal slave and sexual object. Their very existence is to provide unending sexual pleasure for the owner they now belong to.