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  • Fantasy

    Fantasy (21)

    Stories filled with magick, mystery, and wonder. There are forces in the universe which humans can barely understand -- and even less so, always control. If you wish to be changed by a magick spell or potion, enchanted amulet, or ancient curse... look no further. Here, anything is possible, and the fantastic is part of everyday life.
  • Science-Fiction

    Science-Fiction (14)

    Defy the laws of nature, break the barriers of space and time, and use advanced technology to do what was previously thought impossible. Who needs magick when you can use science and technology to control your reality and transform your enemies? This is a world of unlimited possibilities... now that humans have finally unlocked the secrets of genetic engineering, nanotechnology, time travel, and more.
  • Romance

    Romance (3)

    The best relationships include intimate emotional connections. Some erotica's just about the passion, sex, and pleasure -- but these stories include a romantic element too. There's deeper feelings here. Characters who don't just get laid -- they also fall in love.
  • Holiday Specials

    Holiday Specials (3)

    These stories have a special holiday theme. Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Halloween... These stories all take place on, or have some connection with, a major holiday. It could be a main focus in the story or just part of the background.

    But feel free to read them any time of the year.

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