TG Slave Girl


Ryan and his new boss don't see eye to eye. Ryan believes women should be treated as equals; his boss, on the other hand, is convinced all women are much happier as submissive, obedient sex slaves. And to prove his point, he traps Ryan and uses an experimental mind control device to “convince” him of the truth — while simultaneously injecting Ryan with a serum designed to transform him into a girl.


Ryan pulled up to the house. Actually, “house” was a massive understatement. This was a huge mansion. Modern style. Total luxury. Enormous wealth. Sitting atop a mountain, overlooking the valley and city below. Easily a $200 million dollar property. Probably even more than that.

The online ad just said: “Intern wanted for independent tech developer. Must be 18-25, high energy, single, no social life, willing to work odd hours. Room & board included. No experience necessary; will train the right candidate. Excellent benefits. Serious inquiries only.”

Ryan submitted his resume which, granted, wasn’t the best in the world. Mostly a bunch of part-time, minimum wage jobs. And rarely longer than 3 months each. Now that he’d finished college, Ryan was trying to better himself. Get a “real” job for a change. But honestly, out of all the potential applicants, why this guy choose Ryan was a complete mystery.

Still, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity for an internship working for such a successful and wealthy man. Maybe some of that success would rub off on him. Maybe he’d learn a thing or two and finally do something important with his life. Plus, the high pay and free room and board made this opportunity all too attractive.

Ryan hadn’t actually met his new employer yet. They emailed back and forth a few times. Skyped an interview—audio only. It was a man’s voice, although—and maybe it was just the result of a bad internet connection—but it sounded like his voice was altered artificially.

The man never gave his name. Or the name of his company. He liked to keep things secret, the man said. He invented some cutting edge technology and it gave him a competitive advantage to keep things hush hush until the time was right.

Nothing about the online interview was typical. They briefly talked about Ryan’s work history, but spent most of the time talking about Ryan’s personal beliefs, opinions, worldviews, values… What Ryan thought about politics, for example, or women in the workplace, or GMOs or diversity in Hollywood. Stuff like that. His prospective employer said it was more important to know “who” he was hiring, rather than “what” they may have done in the past.

And out of all the applicants, Ryan was chosen. He started today. That was, of course, assuming he passed one final, and in person, interview.

But, assured the man, if Ryan was being truthful about everything so far, this last interview was just a formality.

Ryan parked his car outside the mansion. All his stuff—his clothes, his computer, all his random shit—was packed tightly in that car. If all went well, he’d be moving into his own private room inside this mansion today and begin working immediately. And if not… well… this was Los Angeles. He was sure he could find a cheap room on Craigslist that needed somebody to rent it immediately.

But he was tired of living in poverty. Tired of being broke. Tired of living with total strangers for roommates, hopping from one cheap apartment to the next. Tired of transferring from one grinding low paying job to the next. The thought of living here, in this massive mansion, with free room and board, great pay and training, working for some uber successful independent tech developer… it was just too tempting. He really, really, really hoped he got this job.

He had a good feeling about this. This was finally a positive change in his life. Today was the start of a new life, a new future for him. He just knew it.

Ryan approached the front door. Pushed the doorbell. Waited a moment.

It was so quiet out here. Up the mountain. Far from other homes. Far from the noisy city. Peaceful. Serene. Open air and space.

Finally, the door opened.

A beautiful blonde woman greeted him. She had to be 5’10” tall, quite tall for a girl, with long, slender legs, ample breasts, and a stunning figure. A model type. Maybe a trophy wife. Except Ryan didn’t see any wedding ring. She looked to be in her mid 20s, just like him. And the clothes she wore—a long v-neck shirt, two sizes too big, hanging loosely from her shoulders and chest, falling past her waist hiding whatever underwear or very short shorts she might’ve been wearing below. Long, silky smooth, bare legs. Bare feet. She clearly wasn’t the hired help. Maybe it was this man’s daughter?

“Hi, um, my name’s Ryan and I’m here to—”

She smiled, looking at him temptingly. “Right this way, handsome.”

Hmm. Maybe she did work here after all? Maybe the dress code was super casual around here.

If so, Ryan was looking forward to seeing her every day.

He wondered if she was seeing anyone.

She had to be. A girl that hot? No question.

Why even bother asking? And even if she was somehow miraculously single, she was way out of his league. She’d never want to date a nobody like him. Just an ordinary looking average mediocre guy. He was nobody special. Not yet anyway. Truth be told, he never felt so directionless in life. But hopefully that would change after working here. Maybe he’d discover some new passion, talent, or skill. Or just start earning real money for a change. Then he’d at least have something to offer a girl like her.

She led him up the stairs, down the hall, and into a private study lounge. “In here,” she said.

“Thank you,” Ryan said, stepping inside.

She giggled. “Anytime, sweetie.”

She certainly seemed happy to work here. That was a good sign.

“Close the door,” called a man’s voice.

The girl stayed outside and waved goodbye to him. Ryan closed the door and looked around. Endless shelves of books lining the walls. Expensive original artwork. Indoor plants, well maintained. A large fireplace. And a luxurious couch, comfortable loveseat, and a plush recliner. And directly ahead was a solid mahogany stained wood desk—where the man sat, patiently waiting.

“Come forward.”

Ryan stepped closer.

This was the first time he saw his new employer in person. Good looking fellow. Mid to late 30s, dark hair, dark eyes, light beard stubble, handsomely dressed in a very nice suit. “What’d you think of Kara?”


“The girl who brought you in.”

“Oh. She seems nice.”

“Nice piece of ass, you mean.”

Ryan wasn’t sure how to respond. Was this a test?

“I guess so,” Ryan said.

“Tell me—Ryan, was it?—what do you think of modern day women?” he asked, leaning back in his chair, fingers to a point over his lips.

“What do you mean?”

The man grinned. “You know. Career-oriented, independent, rebellious, does whatever she wants, puts off having kids, doesn’t need a man to take care of her… Those kinds of women.”

“Good for them, I always say,” he said. “More power to them. I’m all for girl power and all of that. Didn’t we already talk about this during the Skype interview?”

The man nodded. “Mhm. You like your women smart, intelligent, independent, assertive? You think it’s alright when they talk back to a man?”

What a weird question. “Sure, why not?”

“Don’t you believe a man should always be in charge? Always in control?”

“You mean, like ‘father knows best,’ like it was back in the 1950s?”

He chuckled. “No. I mean like it was long before modern civilization came along and fucked everything up for everybody.”

Ryan looked at this man curiously. “What are you saying?”

“You mean to tell me you honestly think both men and women are actually happier ever since women became so-called equals in society?”

“Well, yeah, sure. Of course. Don’t you?”

The man shook his head. “Not at all. Women think they want power. Women think they want to be in control. But I know better. I know deep down, secretly, every woman wants to be dominated and controlled. She secretly longs for the freedom that only comes from being totally submissive and surrendering. Deep down, she her essence craves it. She wants to be a good girl and obey her strong male master. Always. Every time. Without exception.”


He nodded again. “Oh, they’ll tell you otherwise. But I know women are happiest when they’re not burdened with the pressures of everyday life, when they find a man they can trust, who’ll support and take care of them. It’s in their nature to be subservient and submissive to such a man. And men are happiest when women behave that way too. Let’s be straight, sure, we all like to pretend we’re an enlightened species and men and women are equals. But the truth is, we’re not. It’s just science. It’s just biology. Nature designed women to be this way. And nature intended for men to be dominant, in charge, in control at all times; we’re natural leaders, commanders, conquerors. We’re stronger, smarter, superior beings. Women should serve us. Not the other way around. That’s just the nature of things. That’s the unfortunate truth and reality that nobody seems to want to admit.”

Ryan started having second thoughts. Maybe he didn’t want to live here and work for this guy after all.

“But I blame men. Our male great ancestors, I mean. We started educating women. We started giving them more authority and power in the home and in the workplace. We started treating them as equals, when all along we knew their real purpose was to serve and pleasure us.”

“Uhh…” Ryan looked to the door.

“You seem uncomfortable. You disagree with what I’m saying?”

“Well,” he said, summoning the courage, “yeah, actually I do. I think you’re wrong. I mean, women are equals. Women should have power and be in control sometimes too. It’s only right. It’s only fair.” He shook his head. “I’m sorry, but your way of thinking is just… outdated.”

He took in a slow deep breath, pausing to reflect.

“You’re a man, so I hear you, I respect you,” he said calmly, “but I must disagree. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re speaking from ignorance, from how society has brainwashed you, from the misguided influence of feminist authors, teachers, and politicians. You’ve been misled. All men have. We were taught from an early age to think in an unnatural way. But if you knew what I knew, if you saw what I saw, if you were as educated about true human history as I am… Here, let me prove something to you.” He leaned over the side of the desk, facing the door. “Oh Kara! Kara, can you come in here please?”

Ryan turned around to face the door.

A second later, Kara entered. “Yes, Master?” she asked eagerly.

“Are you a submissive girl?” the man asked her.

“Yes, Master. I’m a very submissive girl,” she said, almost proud of it.

“Do you always do whatever I say?”

“Always, Master. I love to obey you.”

“And are you happier this way? Are you glad I helped you realize your true nature, your real purpose?”

She nodded with a sensual smile, softly biting her lower lip. “Mmhmm, yes, definitely, Master.”

“Tell Ryan here you love being my slave.”

She faced Ryan. “I love being his slave.”

“Good girl.” He turned to Ryan. “Now order her to do something. Anything you want.”

“What?” Ryan asked.

“Seriously, anything. Tell her to fuck you right here and now if you want.” The man sized Ryan up and down. “That is what you want, isn’t it?”

“No!” Well, the truth was, yes, he did want to have sex with this beautiful sex goddess. But not like this. Not by ordering her to. Not in front of this creep with crazy outdated misogynist attitudes.

“Alright, then tell her to strip. Or recite the alphabet. Hell, I don’t care. Make her hop on one foot while rubbing her belly and patting her own head. I just want you to feel what it’s like to own and control a beautiful woman. That’s God’s gift to every man. Dominance over all women. Take her. Own her. Make her yours. Make her say and do anything you want. She’ll obey. Won’t you, Kara?”

“Yes, Master. I love to obey.”

Ryan opened his mouth, searching for the words. He stared at this gorgeous woman. She waited eagerly for him to speak, for him to tell her to do something, anything. He couldn’t believe this. This was crazy. What kind of job interview was this? “No. I’m sorry. I can’t. I won’t. It’s not right. Whatever you’ve done to her—brainwashed her, hypnotized her, whatever—it’s not right. You’re—you’re fucked up, you know that man?”

He grinned. “Kara, come to me.”

She walked right up to him.

“Pleasure me.”

“Gladly, Master. How would you like me?”

“Give me a blow job. Now.”

She didn’t say another word. She got down on her knees, unzipped his pants, and freed his above average size dick. Then she immediately went down on it, sucking and licking it, working her tongue masterfully around it. Pleasuring him. Giving him great satisfaction. And she glanced up at him, seeing his head titled back in bliss, knowing she was giving him that great pleasure. And it made her happy. It made her wet. It made her get even hornier. It made her all the hungrier and more lustful for his stiff, hard cock. Thirsting for his masculine seed that would soon squirt into her mouth. She’d swallow it. Consume it. Savor it. Like it as nourishment for her soul.

Ryan was officially creeped out. He quietly got up and slowly started sneaking away.

“Going somewhere, my boy?”

“I can see you’re busy,” he said.

The man chuckled. He put his hand on Kara’s head and guided her up and down his shaft. “I’m almost finished. Stay.”

“Look, I’m sorry. I think there’s been a mistake. I’m clearly not the right guy for this job.”

The man let out of powerful groan. Kara licked her lips and slurped it up. His penis throbbed a few more times, spitting the rest of his seed down her hungry throat. “On the contrary,” the man said, between labored breaths, “you’re just what I’m looking for.”

“I am?” That really surprised Ryan.

The man nodded. Kara finished cleaning his dick with her tongue and moved off him, but remained kneeling at his side. “You’ve got courage, kid. Guts. Most men wouldn’t have the balls to stand up to a man of my power and influence. But you stuck to your principles, no matter how misguided they may be. I respect that. And more importantly, I need that. I need someone strong-willed who thinks exactly like you… for my little project.”

So okay, he was extremely sexist and a little crazy, sure, but at least he was open-minded. He obviously wanted people with differing opinions on his team. Not a bunch of yes-men. And Ryan really needed this job. Plus, living in this mansion, especially with a hottie like Kara around, was too good to pass up. The obedient sex slave vibe thing they had going on was a little weird. But maybe in time Ryan could save her. Help her see reason. Free her from whatever brainwashing he did to her. So Ryan decided to stay. “Okay. So tell me more about this project. What exactly would I be doing here?”

The man grinned.

“I knew you were smart.” He turned to Kara. “Darling, get the device.”

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