In the Kingdom of Etheria, Mark was a nobody with no future ahead of him. But little did he know fate had already set in motion a sequence of events that would ultimately and magically transform him into his nation’s new princess. A gender transformation he didn’t ask for or want — but one that would save an entire kingdom from certain doom and destruction.


On your world, scientists are now discovering the existence of other universes. Alternate realities where the laws of nature may be very similar—or quite different. In some of these universes, life may be exactly like it is in your own, with only a few minor exceptions. In other universes, things are so different, nothing would be recognizable at all.

But one universe in particular is of note. This universe is very much like the one you’re already familiar with. Earth is still the third planet from the sun. Humans have evolved on this alternate reality Earth, just like your own. But there are some key differences. Due to a small decimal point being moved over one digit in some universal mathematical equation, electricity never became possible. As such, technology never progressed past the medieval era. This is a world of kings and castles and brave knights who fight with swords. Everything’s made of wood and stone. People travel on foot or by horse. Even the biggest cities never grow beyond several thousand people.

But that one minor adjustment in the law of physics also produced another interesting side effect.


Yes, spells and sorcery and wily witches and more—is very much a part of everyday life in this world. Not everybody can do it. Only a few rich enough, or rebellious and determined enough, have the time or resources to study and begin mastering the control of magic. Most towns have a local witch or wizard to cast various enchantments—a favorable harvest, a desired pregnancy, a mild winter, that sort of thing—as well as protect the village from the various evil creatures that roam the wilds and occasionally stumble upon human settlements. The king, certainly, has a royal wizard for all things magical and divine. Duties like peering into the future, providing health and longevity to the royal family, and empowering the knights who courageously battled demons and dragons on behalf of the kingdom’s safety. But to the average citizen, magic may have been a part of life, but not one they directly had any personal access to or control over.

Now, I know you, dear reader, may also have an interest in stories about men who get magically transformed into women. I mention this particular world to you because, as you may have rightly guessed, someone very special was recently transformed into the opposite sex.

A young man, an ordinary nobody, who fate had chosen to become somebody very important. An unexpected transformation, forced upon him, against his wishes and desires. But a transformation that, intended or not, ended up saving us all.

This is his, or rather, her story.

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PDF – Digital Download

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First Published

August 14, 2016

Adult Content

Sex, Nudity, Language, Gender Transformation, Mind Control

Sex Scene

Trans/Non-Binary Masturbation

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Who Gets Transformed

Main Character

Main Character's Transformation

TF Caused By

Magic Curse/Spell/Wish, Witch/Wizard, Food/Drink/Potion

TF Willingness

Oops: Accident, Unintended, Mistake

TF Description

Standard/Average Details

TF Duration

Permanent (Stuck, Involuntary)

TF Happens

Near Middle of Story

New Libido/Sex Drive

High: Insatiable Slut

New Sexual Orientation


New Memories

No Personality Death (Keeps Original Memories After Transformation)

New Life Purpose

Celebrity/Famous, Leader/Position of Power

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