Gods Among Us


Michael’s trying to stop Tiresias Global from transforming any more men into women. His own best friend Ray was one of their victims. But in his attempt to rescue Ray, he finds himself caught between two rival gods and must choose a side to serve. A pawn in some higher game, Michael suddenly discovers he, too, is slowly transforming into a girl. But if “she” plays her cards right, Michael may end up a goddess herself.


About 200 miles off the coast of Hawaii, and well within international waters, there was a beautiful private tropical island. And on this private island was a rather large research facility, several stories high, with a nearby helipad and backup power generator. At the edge of the rainforest, just a short walk from the main facility, there was a strange religious temple – ancient in design, but clearly recently built within the past few years. It looked like something from ancient Greece, back in a time when people worshipped a whole pantheon of gods and goddess.

On the opposite side of the large research facility, also at the edge of the rainforest, was a small dorm building. It held maybe 15 or 20 rooms. A new building site next to it had already been cleared, with the foundation for a second building already under construction.

While most world power governments were aware of this island, and their satellites clearly saw the human activity on it, no one really knew who owned it, who lived there, or what they were doing. But since they showed no signs of weapons or chemical warfare, everyone just ignored them and left this quiet little island alone.

If only they knew what was really going on here.


For inside the main research facility, on the third floor, down the hall, and towards the back corner, an experiment was underway at this very moment.

Ray was a cute 20-something scientist. She had her long brunette hair pulled back into a ponytail. She wore pink scrubs, which typically were more for doctors and nurses than a biological engineer like herself. Still, her job duties had expanded quite considerably since she first came here. And on days like today, she definitely played the role of a medical practitioner – of sorts.

“Are you scared?” she asked her patient.

A young man laid straight across a bed, stiff and narrow like a plank, unable to move. He appeared to be in his late 20s, maybe his early 30s. He had short black hair, a day-old five o’clock shadow, and modest but substantial muscles throughout his body. He wore a white hospital gown and nothing else. His hairy, manly feet hung off the bottom edge of the narrow bed. His old clothes laid in a small pile on the floor.

He tried to turn his head towards Ray, to answer her question. But even the slightest movement required great strain and effort. He grunted helplessly, a weak sound that expressed both frustration and his all too present awareness of just how hopeless he was.

“P…lease….” he struggled to say.

Ray smiled. She looked so cute. She lightly touched his shoulder, traced her dainty little fingers down his arm, back up his arm, and snaked it back and forth down his chest. “Relax,” she said calmly. “Trust me, there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve done this like a dozen times before.” She paused. “Well, maybe not me personally, but I’ve reviewed footage of at least a dozen different volunteers.”

He looked at her curiously.

“My point is, you’re not the first.” Ray reached over a grabbed a syringe from the nearby counter. It contained a clear liquid – but they both knew it wasn’t water or saline solution. “My boss is looking for a more cost effective treatment. Maybe this’ll be it. But don’t worry. It’s totally safe. You should feel honored, really. You’re among the first of many. Kind of a mother for a whole new generation. And trust me, you’re gonna have a lot of fun,” she winked.

“S…top… Don’t…” he uttered.

She dabbed an alcohol-covered cotton ball over the vein in his arm, disinfecting the area she was about to inject.

“I know you’re probably scared. I was too, at first. It’s perfectly natural,” she said.

He looked at her strangely.

She squeezed the excess air out of the syringe. “I know it’s hard to believe, but I used to be like you. A man, I mean. I wasn’t complaining. I didn’t mind being a guy. But then Tiresias Global showed me the way. They taught me something amazing.” She looked down into his eyes. “Being a girl is so much better. You may not realize it yet, but deep down, every guy would like to be a girl, if he actually knew what it was like.” She stabbed the needle into his exposed vein. He grunted out in pain. “And thanks to Tiresias Global, now that’s possible.”

She slowly pressed down on the syringe, steadily filling his body with its foreign contents. Once it completely drained inside of him, she pulled it out and placed a cute little pink Band-Aid over the spot.

She stepped back and watched.

He grit his teeth. Tightened his fists. It was all he could do. His muscles had been paralyzed earlier from something he ate. They had tricked him. He thought he won an all-expenses paid vacation to a remote tropical island resort. They lied. This was no vacation. This was no resort. This was… this was…

His eyes temporarily crossed. His toes turned inward. His hands relaxed and loosened. His whole body started to release its tension.

Ray glanced at the clock to make note of the time. A security camera in the corner of the room documented everything too.

“Don’t be scared. Don’t fight it. You’re going to love being a girl.”

He let out a gasp, his voice already sounding more feminine. His arm and leg muscles softened, slowly turning to putty, as his form became more slender and narrow. He wiggled his toes, regaining some control over his body. But as he did, his feet slowly shrank, becoming more and more feminine by the minute. His hands too. Smaller. Softer. More slender.

He managed to turn his head, resting it to the side. His black hair grew longer, centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch, longer and longer, until, within minutes, it was long enough to fall half way down his back.

His back arched slightly, feeling an incredible tingling sensation on his chest. Slowly a pair of new female breasts swelled up and spread out, pressing up against his white hospital gown.

Ray observed closely as the man’s hips widened, his butt swelled into a feminine form, and his waist curved beautifully. His arms and legs continued to become even more slender and feminine by the minute, as his overall body tightened, toned, and shrank, losing several inches in height. His little girly feet no longer hung off the edge of the bed.

His face then softened. His lips turned a slighter brighter, more pinkish color, natural blush appeared on his cheeks, his defined jawbone and rough facial features softened and curved into an adorable female face. His eyes turned blue – hmm, Ray wasn’t expecting that, she made a note of it on her chart – and the young man let out a moaning gasp, fully feminine, with no trace of an Adam’s apple remaining.

His knees turned outward, spreading his, or more like “her,” newly toned and slender feminine legs apart.

“I think we’re just about done,” Ray said, reaching for the transformee’s gown. Ray pulled it up and back away from the genital area, watching it up close as it happened.

The penis was little more than a tiny nub now. The testicles were nowhere to be seen. The nub shrank and shrank, melding and vanishing completely into a featureless crotch.

“Everything tingles!” the former man exclaimed, in perfectly female voice, now finding it much more easy to speak.

“That’s normal,” Ray explained, still carefully studying the groin area. And there it was. The subtle emerging of the outer vaginal lips. They appeared, they fully formed, and they expanded and blossomed to a normal healthy size. Then the inner lips formed. With a hood over the transformee’s new clit. And Ray watched, with clinical detachment and observation, as the rest of this new girl’s pussy fully manifested, a deep wet fleshy cave within her lower body.

A cave that would soon experience deep penetration, and overwhelming erotic bliss.

The new girl, half covered in her hospital gown, tightly gripped the sides of the bed, arching her back, tilting her head backward in ecstasy. She moaned softly, erotically, short on breath. “Oh my God,” she said, “I feel like my body’s going to explode!”

“Surrender,” Ray told her. “Give in!”

The new girl let out an orgasmic scream. Her muscles convulsed, her body twitched and shook for a moment, and then, finally, she calmed down and completely relaxed.

She giggled, unable to keep herself from smiling. She turned her head toward Ray. “What was that?”

“An upgrade,” Ray said. “Before, a newly transformed girl needed to actually touch herself or be taken by a man before she achieved her first orgasm. In my most recent upgrade, now, as soon as the transformation finishes, it’s marked by a total body orgasm. Welcome to your new life, sister.”

The girl, now able to move again, carefully propped herself up with her new arms. She wasn’t as physically strong as she used to be. It took a moment to get used to it. She sat up, pulled open her gown, and looked down at her chest. “I have boobs.”

“Yup,” smiled Ray. “Those are a lot of fun too.”

The newly-transformed girl looked at Ray. “But why? I still don’t understand. Why me? Why are you turning people into girls?”

“You feel good right now, don’t you?”

The girl thought for a second, and had to agree. She nodded her head yes.

“Peaceful, calm, happy, even a little excited?”

Again, all true. “Yeah, why?”

“Maybe a little horny as well?” Ray winked with a knowing grin.

The girl bit her lower lip, without even realizing what she was doing. Her mind was already flooding with sensual erotic thoughts. “Actually, yeah,” she admitted. “And not toward who’d I’d expect… That’s weird.”

“All part of the transformation. I shaved a few years off your life, too. You’ve got the health and body of a 20-year-old, no genetic defects, your arteries have all been cleaned, liver made brand new, you’re like a whole new person.”

She looked at her girly toes and wiggled them. “I am a whole new person,” she said.

“Your pleasure centers have been enhanced too. You’ll orgasm faster, easier, and more frequently.”


Ray nodded. “Plus all the other perks of being a girl in today’s world.”

The new girl continued inspecting her hands, arms, and the rest of her body. She poked and played with her new breasts a little too.

“I’m not sure what my boss wants to do with you. We might send you back home, with some money and a new identity to start your new life. Or she might want to keep you here. Either way, we take care of our sisters here. You’re in good hands. For life.”

The girl squeezed her new breasts. She couldn’t ignore how good they felt. Then she tried to get off the bed. Her new feminine feet hit the cold hard floor. She nearly lost her balance and fell. Ray caught her and helped her steady herself.

A few seconds later, the new girl was standing on her own. “I guess these new legs are gonna take some getting used to.”

“You’ll pick it up faster than you expect. Walking in heels for the first time, now that’s something that takes practice.”

“Wow,” the new girl said. “Am I gonna wear heels from now on? And like, skirts and dresses now?”

“Wear whatever you want. Yet another perk of being a girl. Total freedom of wardrobe choice. I say try it all and see what you like. Some girls in the past ended up sticking with sneakers, t-shirts, and jeans. Others went full-fem and really dolled themselves up. It’s totally your call. Do whatever makes you happy.”

The girl looked to the door.

“So what now? I mean, aren’t you afraid I might report you guys to the authorities?”

Ray giggled. “Someone tried that once. A couple agents paid us a visit. They’re both serving as temple nuns on the island now. And the girl who reported us is, well, someone adjusted her IQ so she won’t be a problem anymore.”

Wow. What exactly did that mean? But as the new girl thought about it, she didn’t really want to report them anyway. Sure, a few moments ago, she was terrified of what was happening to her. But now, oddly, she didn’t mind. Somehow, it felt “right” to her. It felt good. Almost like she was meant to be this way all along. She felt like, somehow she just knew, she was better off this way. She was actually really curious to start exploring this new body. This new life as a girl. Did she want to try on makeup? Accessorize herself with jewelry, colorful wristbands, cute little pink sneakers? And sex – she couldn’t stop thinking about sex. She was really curious about that, and with each passing moment, more and more eagerly anxious to try it.

“Are you gonna be a problem?” Ray asked her.

The new girl shook her head. “No way. You don’t have to worry about me. But there’s just one thing I still don’t understand.”

“What’s that?”

“Why me? Why a girl?”

“My boss has a plan. A new world order. One ruled by women, as it should be. No more wars. No more corruption. No more poverty. No more competition. Just a planet-wide paradise for us all to enjoy and love.”

The girl nodded, sort of understanding. “Clearly you guys, sorry, I mean ‘gals’ know what you’re doing. I believe you. So I’m not complaining. But why, and like how, did you pick me? I mean, of all the guys in the world… How come I get to be a girl?”

Ray checked her chart. “You were one of the vacation package winners, right?”

She nodded. “That’s right.”

“It’s one of several volunteer acquisition methods we use. We pre-screen for health, marital status, things like that. You were an ideal man to become a girl. As for me? I got a job offer right out of grad school. They saw my talents and wanted me to help their cause. So here I am.”

“And you said you used to be a guy too?” the new girl asked, her hands still grabbing, squeezing, and feeling all the parts and curves of her new body.

Ray nodded. “Yeah. I almost missed becoming a girl. I tried running away. But thank Goddess, they hit with me a laser from an experimental gender-changing ray gun they’ve been working on. Once I transformed, I discovered how good it feels to be a girl. I really am much happier this way. My only complaint? There’s not enough guys on this island! Not for long, anyway. I kinda wish I could, you know, go out on some dates, feel what it’s like to be kissed, and, you know, do other stuff too.”

The new girl nodded, agreeing and understanding.

“Anyway, wait here. Soon as my boss decides what to do with you, we’ll take it from there.” Ray quickly checked her computer. “Looks like the next volunteer hasn’t even landed yet. So for now, if you want some privacy to, um, ‘explore’ things, I can give you that. Just don’t leave the room.”

The new girl giggled. “Yes please.”

Ray smiled. She took her chart and headed for the door.

“Wait!” said the new girl. “Do I get a new name?”

“What was your old one?” Ray asked.

“Bob. And I always hated it.”

“Hmm. Then in your new life, you should have a name you love. Pick anything you want. I’ll be back in a little while.” She gave the new girl one last look with a playful smile. “Have fun.”


Ray left the room and closed the door behind her. The new girl’s hands had already reached down towards her pussy before the door even closed. In the hallway, Ray spotted her supervisor approaching from the far end.

A tall, beautiful blonde.

“A total success!” Ray shouted enthusiastically from across the hall.

Her manager waved for Ray to come closer. Something seemed urgent. She had never seen her supervisor look so uneasy.

Ray quickly rushed ahead. “Everything alright?”

Her supervisor spoke softly. “Remember your friend, from your old life, who helped you hack our computers when you first started working here?”

Ray nodded. “Michael? Yeah, why?” Then a sudden look of realization came over her face. “What’d he try to do now?”

“You told him everything was fine and threw him off the trail, didn’t you?”

“Of course! I did everything by email. I said those documents he saw were fake, part of a company-wide April Fool’s joke. I told him I’d be working here full-time for a while and not to worry about me.”

“Yeah, well, apparently he got worried. And now he’s chartered a helicopter to take him here. His flight leaves from Honolulu in less than an hour.”

“But I can’t let him see me like this! He still thinks I’m a guy!”

“The director’s given us two options. If you want, we can temporarily turn you into a boy again. When your friend shows up, you can show him everything’s normal, and we’ll send him home, unchanged.”

Wow. Ray wasn’t expecting that.

But Ray shook her head. “No, he’d never believe that,” she said. “He already knows we’ve got the tech to change a person’s gender. If he’s flying out here, he knows the files he saw were real. He’d expect us to try something like this. And he’d know I was lying. I could never bluff him in Poker. He knows all my tells.”

“Then,” said her supervisor, “we turn him into a girl instead. But because she’d be too great a security risk, we’d also have to completely wipe her memories and permanently lower her IQ.”


Ray’s supervisor didn’t like that idea either. “Since he’s your friend and the director’s been very pleased with your work lately, she’s letting you decide this one.”

“Um… okay, wow.” Ray knew Michael since they were both undergrads in college. They used to be roommates and best friends. So she liked to think she knew him pretty well. And odds were, he probably already told somebody what he’d learned after hacking their servers. And he was smart. Too smart for his own good. “The thing is,” Ray said, “if anything happens to him while he’s here, he’s probably got some kind of fail-safe in place to notify his family attorney or the police or something. He wouldn’t come all the way out here alone without some kind of protection.”

Her supervisor sighed. “Which would bring us more unwanted outside attention.”

“But so what? We’ll just take care of it like the last time.”

“Ray,” her supervisor said with exhaustion. “We can’t keep turning government agents. We had to pay ten million dollars just to keep the last incident quiet. It’s not like normal people who can disappear without a trace. When these people disappear, we start attracting a lot more attention than we’re ready for. We’re not ready to go public yet. And we don’t exactly have an unlimited supply of cash either.”

“I see your point.”

But even if Ray was temporarily turned into a boy again, as weird as that would feel for her, Michael would never believe her anyway. He already knew too much. Already saw too much. He’d know what they were trying to pull.

Why was Michael flying out here, anyway? Maybe he was coming to try to “rescue” her and bring her home. But Ray didn’t want to leave. Especially not if it meant being stuck as a boy on the mainland. Or maybe he was going to sabotage the facilities somehow. But no, that wasn’t his style. He was a work from home computer genius type. There must’ve been a really compelling reason to get him to personally fly all the way out here.

Ray did miss her friend. And while the idea of having her friend join them as one of the girls was nice, Ray really didn’t want that if it also meant a total mind wipe and diminished intellect. That wasn’t right or fair for her friend. But either way, it didn’t matter. Neither option—hiding the truth or converting Michael into a girl—was going to work. Either way, Tiresias Global was about to get a lot of unwanted attention from the outside world.

“We have a problem,” she said.

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