Accidental Sex Doll


Max and Ashley were the best of friends. Too much of friends. When Max asked Ashley out, she turned him down, keeping him in the Friend Zone.

But Max’s new roommate knows a few spells — and may have one to change her feelings towards him. But magic’s hard to control or predict. And when Ashley’s body begins transforming in unexpected ways… her fate as a life-size inanimate rubber sex doll may already be sealed.

This isn’t what Max intended or wanted at all. Do they attempt to cast another spell to try to reverse this and change her back — and risk causing some other unplanned side effect that’s even worse?


Max entered his junior year in college with high hopes – an optimism that was soon dashed to pieces.

Max got good grades. In a couple years, he’d finish his degree in biochemical engineering. If that sounds boring, it is. So we won’t dwell much on that. It’s not important to the story. What is important is that he was smart, had a stable part-time job that paid well while he studied at college, and by all external appearances, he had a bright future ahead of him. Max was also a fairly good looking guy. Certainly not the most handsome ever. He was no male model. But… he was pleasing to the eyes and any girl would be happy to be with him.

So why didn’t Ashley?

There weren’t many women in the engineering program. Most signed up for majors like psychology, childhood education, or some liberal arts degree. But not Ashley. She was as smart as she was pretty. Beautiful long blonde hair, that she usually kept pulled back into a ponytail. She kinda dressed with a bit of a tomboyish style, but definitely kept a feminine essence to her. She was cute because she didn’t try too hard. And to top it all off, she was super friendly and likeable. Every guy wanted to be with her.

And maybe that was the problem.

Max shared a class with Ashley where the male-to-female ratio was 20 to 1. There was one other girl in the same course. And she was, well, more what you’d expect for this kind of program. None of the guys really showed much interest in her. So of the nearly 40 men in this class, most of whom were perpetually single, Ashley got far more attention and offers than she knew what to do with.

She pretty much turned them all down as a rule.

But Max was different. He thought he should be someone special in her eyes. They actually knew each other in high school. They never talked much back then. She hung out with the popular girls. He, on the other hand, spent most of his free time playing online role-playing games with friends. But on the last day of class, right before graduation when everyone passed around their yearbooks to be signed—Ashley admitted her little secret. She thought Max was cute.

“Have a great summer,” she signed off, putting a heart after her name, fully expecting to never see him again.

Honestly, he wasn’t expecting to see her again either. Neither one had any idea they were actually both going to the same university – and furthermore, for the same degree.

It was fate, Max decided. When he saw her in their freshmen Foundations of Engineering class, he just knew. She was the one. She was the girl he’d end up spending the rest of his life with.

Unfortunately, she had a long distance boyfriend that she somehow picked up over the summer break. So all freshman year, Max just stayed her friend.

And best friends they became.

Sharing a lot of the same classes, they often did homework together and helped each other study for important exams. Their schedules happened to have a lunch break at the same time, so every day they’d meet at the campus food court to share a meal. They talked about everything. Classes. Relationships. Life goals and dreams. Everything.

And then sophomore year, she broke up with that long distance boyfriend.

This was Max’s opportunity.

He asked her out.

And surprisingly—she said no.

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June 30, 2017

Adult Content

Sex, Nudity, Gender Transformation

Sex Scene


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Main Character, Multiple People (Male & Female)

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Magic Curse/Spell/Wish, Witch/Wizard

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Oops: Accident, Unintended, Mistake

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Standard/Average Details

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Permanent (Stuck, Involuntary)

TF Happens

Near Middle of Story, Near Climax of Story

New Libido/Sex Drive

High: Insatiable Slut

New Sexual Orientation


New Memories

No Personality Death (Keeps Original Memories After Transformation)

New Life Purpose

Sex Object

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