Merry Christmas, Lovelies!

Mystic Alex here. I just wanted to say a quick “ho ho ho” and “hello!” to each and everyone one of you — wishing you a very Merry Christmas (and/or whatever holiday you may be celebrating this time of year) from my heart to yours.

On a personal note, I won’t be seeing family this year. So if you find yourself alone too, well sweetie, please know that you’re not alone. I’m here. Feel free to send me a message and say hi, if you’re craving a little (albeit, virtual) human contact this year. In-person human contact is always best. So if you’ve got a friend or two you can visit, do that. One of my friend’s husband is overseas right now, so she’s alone too. We’ll be grabbing dinner together on Christmas night. I’m seeing a few other friends later this week too who were out of town, don’t have local families either, and/or had to work on Christmas Day.

Family isn’t just blood. It’s not just the people you were born into. Family is a choice. Your best friend is your family. Your pets are your family. And in a way, I’m your family too.

Family is about being part of a tribe. And you and I share a very unique, very special tribe. We’re into “transformation stories.” We both (probably, I’m assuming) enjoy “male-to-female gender transformation fiction.” That’s special. Not everybody can say that. You and I have something rare in common. And that binds us together. So, I guess what I’m saying is, welcome to my family.

Thanks for being here. I love you. Here’s a virtual hug from me to you:



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Some people are afraid of pleasure. Like something bad will happen if they experience too much pleasure for too long. That there’s something wrong with pleasure; it’s somehow bad or sinful.

And yet these same people will wallow in their pain and suffering. They never push that away; they dwell in it. They live there, with some degree of pain and suffering at all times, as if that’s normal, as if that’s just a part of life.

No, you idiot. Pain is your body or heart telling you something’s WRONG. Pleasure is your heart or body confirming that this thing is good for you. YOUR BRAIN IS WIRED THIS WAY. Nature programmed you, and all living things, through millions of years of evolution to seek out good, life-affirming things and avoid bad, dangerous, painful things as much as possible.

Only through things like religion and cultural brainwashing can we train ourselves to ignore our bodies and instincts, and actually convince ourselves that pain is good and pleasure is somehow bad.

It’s the other way around, silly.

Pleasure is good. Pleasure is good for you.

If you’re feeling pain, that’s bad. It’s your body telling you something’s wrong and needs to change.

Stop living in pain like it’s supposed to be normal. It’s not. Maybe you know what needs to change and it’s scary or hard to do. That’s okay. All change is scary at first. But if you’re a fan of transformation stories, I hope you realize a very common message many of them share: change may be scary or unwanted at first, but there’s so much fun, pleasure, and freedom waiting for you on the other side.

If you’re suffering, change is good. You can have pleasure if you’re just willing to face that fear, let go of the lie, and embrace who you really are and were always meant to be.


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Oh My God

Why do we say “my God”?

Like “Oh my God, you’ll never believe this…” or “Oh my God, would you just shut up and listen?”

Why is it always “my” God?

This is Christian America. There’s only supposed to be “one” God, right? So why don’t we just say “God” or “the God”?

Saying “my” God implies you have a personal god that’s different from someone else’s god. “Oh my God, this is so much better than anything your God might know or have…”

Once upon a time, a long time ago (but not in a galaxy far, far away), everybody had different gods. You know about the Greek gods, the Roman gods, even the Hindu gods… But what you may not know is that the original Israelites, the very first Jews, may have only worshiped one god, but culturally-speaking, they acknowledged the existence of other gods.

That’s why one of the 10 Commandments was “thou shalt have no other gods before me.” It’s not “there are no other gods besides me.” It’s “don’t put any of the other gods ahead of me; I come first.”

Only later in history, as religions evolved, did the philosophy go from “we only worship this one god” to “all other gods are fake; our God is the one and only true God.”

So maybe the “oh my God” thing came from that. Or maybe not. I dunno. I just find it interesting that, in a culture that claims to believe there’s only one God, why do we feel the need to qualify it’s my God (but not “your” or “the” God)?

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My First Post: Just Saying Hi!

Hello beautifuls. Mystic Alex here. Obviously. Who else would it be? Santa Claus? Well, maybe… it’s getting to be that time of year. Halloween’s over, Thanksgiving’s not even here yet, but retailers are already selling Christmas decorations and people online are complaining about how it’s still “too soon” … like they do every year.

You ever notice that?

Every year, we do this. Personally, I love Christmas. One of my most favorite holidays. I’ve been caught singing Christmas carols in July. It’s all good with me. Here in America, it’s important to celebrate Thanksgiving… I think. So let’s not completely forget it as we charge forward to all the gift-giving and holiday cheer.

Then again… I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. On one hand, yes, it’s great to come together with loved ones, have a nice meal, and share what we’re grateful for. But shouldn’t we be doing that more than once a year anyway? And then there’s the whole “white Europeans spreading disease and stealing land from the Native Americans” thing. Sure, the Europeans had the superior technology, but might doesn’t make right. I love America. Don’t get me wrong. This is a beautiful country. I’ve traveled all over it. I love it. This is home. Despite its many, many problems — past and present.

It’s because I love it so much that I want it to be a better country … for all.

Regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, biological sex, height, weight (yeah, we discriminate on this too), or countless other things. Look, I don’t have any answers. And I’m not in the mood to get political today.

In this post, I just wanted to say hi. On the rest of my website, it’s all fun and fantasy, mystery and mayhem, transformations and secret pleasures. Magic. Adventure. Sexual expression and exploration. An escape from “the real world.” And that’s great. That’s what it’s there for. But I also wanted to talk about, I dunno, “life” too. So that stuff’s here. On my blog.

Read it if you want. Like, comment, share, whatever pleases you.

Today, I just wanted to say hi.

I’m Mystic Alex. A witch who’s quite talented at transformation spells and mind control magic. But I’m also a human person, living in the real world most of the time too. Just like you.

Actually, in my job, I’m in the public’s eye a lot. And in “the real world,” I have to be careful what I say. I have to be careful not to be political or have too strong of an opinion, lest I upset and offend someone. Or worse, it could hurt my career and livelihood too. And not just politics either. But religion. Or any of the other hot-button taboo topics.

Look, I’m not here to convert or influence anyone. I’m not going to change your mind on any of those things. I’m assuming that if you’re on this site and reading this blog, you’re an adult. So you probably figured out who you are and what you believe a long time ago. I’m just gonna share what I think and feel. If you happen to share those thoughts and feelings, awesome. And if not, that’s okay too.

But I’m tired of having to “keep it all in,” staying silent, simply because my career puts me in the public eye often and I have to be professional, reserved, polite, and amiable to everyone. I’m a people person. I love people. It’s all good. I chose this career and I continue to choose to be in it every day. But this blog, on my site, in the secrecy and privacy that is SciFantastica… I have a voice.

I can say what I really think and feel.


That’s the gift of the Internet.

So Happy Holidays. Welcome to SciFantastica. Thanks for reading my blog and buying my stories. I appreciate you.

And I hope that, if you too feel like it’s not safe or wise to really express what you honestly think and feel… I hope that you find a safe and convenient way to let it out too. Maybe it’s just sharing with a friend. Maybe it’s an anonymous blog. Maybe something, anything else. Just something. Some way. I hope you have that.

In today’s America, we have a president who belittles, threatens, and undermines legit, professional, established media and news outlets, simply because he doesn’t like what they’re saying. In today’s America, our culture has become so divided and emotionally charged, that it may not be safe to admit that you’re gay, trans, or non-Christian in certain circles.

You’re safe here.

I promise you that. I may not agree with everything. I may not understand everything. I may not share the same thoughts, desires, feelings, or experiences that you do. But that’s okay. You’re still welcome here. There’s just one rule: give the same safe space and welcoming energy to everyone else here too. You don’t have to agree with, understand, or share anything about them either. But that’s okay.

Beneath our skin, beyond our beliefs, past our genitals… deep down, inside, we all have a soul.

A light. And that makes you special. That makes you valuable.

With love,

Mystic Alex

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